Central Management

Control all your encrypted devices across multiple locations with SafeConsole

One Platform

Instantly gain complete and granular control over your encrypted USB flash drives, portable hard drives and virtual drives.



Enforce policies such as password rules, file-type restrictions or geographic boundaries. Reset passwords, switch devices into read-only mode, and even remotely wipe them in case of loss or theft.



Monitor all your encrypted drives, including their location anywhere in the world. Integrate with Active Directory to track users, assigned devices and connected computers with ease.



See which files are saved to or deleted from your encrypted drives at any given moment. Use a complete audit trail by user, including connections, login failures, resets and loss reports.



Analyze SafeConsoleReady devices. See total connections, device inventory and geolocation chart in one glance. Third Party SIEM integration is available using Splunk or Graylog.

Deployment Options

Put it on the cloud or keep it on your own Windows server

The easiest and quickest way to manage and secure your encrypted SafeConsoleReady devices

SafeConsole Cloud

SafeConsole Cloud is a single tenant solution, so your custom cloud hosted service is dedicated to only your organization.

  • Up and running in minutes
  • No user content is stored on the cloud
  • Your dedicated server can be hosted in your choice of cities around the globe

You can also choose where to host your server, AWS Ireland, AWS London, AWS Ohio or AWS Singapore to meet regulatory requirements. All network traffic is encrypted. Fully PCI Compliant and Certified.

SafeConsole On-Prem

SafeConsole On-Prem is easy to deploy if your organization requires an on-prem or hybrid cloud solution

  • Requires a dedicated Windows-based server
  • Log in and manage from anywhere
  • Administrators can authenticate to access SafeConsole with their AD credentials
  • Ideal for deployments of 300+ drives

Minimum Requirements

  • Pentium Quad Core or higher class system
  • 2GHz or faster CPU minimum
  • Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012 or 2016.
  • 4GB of free RAM
  • 20GB of free hard disk space required

SafeConsole’s web portal is supported by major Single Sign-On Providers


Keep the productivity benefits of USB storage devices without the risks of malware, data leaks and breaches

PortBlocker: USB Port Lock Down

  • Limit USB mass storage access to only approved SafeConsole Ready Devices
  • Only whitelisted devices allowed as USB mass storage devices on PortBlocker installed machines

Learn More

McAfee Powered: Anti-Malware Protection

  • Blocks and removes viruses, ransomware, spyware, and any other malware threats and reports them to SafeConsole
  • No installation required, anti-malware activation is available with your SafeConsole account

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SafeConsoleReady® Devices: Features


Stored data is protected by an enforced password following a strong password policy. Secure password resets are available for administrators to assist users.


Automatic, full hardware encryption of all data, featuring a single on-board security chip that can’t be bypassed and encrypts all data copied to the drive.


Offers true brute-force protection on the chipset, with a password attempt counter built into the hardware in order to protect against password attacks.


User-friendly software is used to unlock the devices. The software does not require any installation or administrator rights and runs on OS X for Mac and Windows.

Remote Password Reset
Reset passwords remotely over any channel. Administrators can get remote offline users back to work within minutes, without any loss of stored data. The short 8-character recovery codes are easily read over the phone yet maintaining the robust security of a 128-character code using a pre-buffer method. No data is lost and the process is protected against social engineering directed against the helpdesk. The user password is never exposed and there is NO master password. Read the Password Management Best Practice Paper.

Password Policy
Ensure that all data is protected by strong, compliant passwords by enforcing password policies on the devices.

Device Auditing – See Who Did What, When and Where
Device auditing makes taking stock of the entire portfolio of SafeConsoleReady devices easy as it creates an automatic inventory list. The logs then include unsuccessful unlocking attempts, device states and log-ins. This gives the administrator a full overview of all drives in use in the organization.

Detailed File Auditing – Achieve Compliance Requirements
Detailed File Auditing is an extension of the Device Audit. It allows an administrator to see what files have been copied to or deleted from the devices, as well as a trail of the files that have had their names changed.

Device State Management – Full Control Over Devices
As an extra security precaution when drives are lost, or to protect your organization’s sensitive information from access by former employees, you can remotely ‘kill’ rogue drives and erase them of all data. In the Device Overview in SafeConsole, an authorized administrator can set the device state to ‘killed’, ‘disabled’ and ‘lost’. Devices can later be recovered using the Remote Password Reset and/or Backup features. SafeConsole can also be set to handle the devices’ states entirely on autopilot. This will require the drives to return to base by connecting to the SafeConsole server within a configurable time period.

Inactivity Lock – Forgotten Drives Lock Down
Lock down a secure USB drive after a configurable period of inactivity. Forgotten drives that are left behind in a computer will automatically lock down according to the set policy.

File Restrictor – Restrict File Types to be Stored EXE, MP3
A white-list approach prevents the storage of unauthorized file-types. Rogue files cannot reside on a SafeConsoleReady Device as it only allows storage of file-types specified by the administrator in the SafeConsole settings.

Authorized Autorun – Stop Autorun Viruses
The onboard autorun-protection that chokes self-copying viruses such as StuxNet and Conficker – by denying unauthorized autorun files from residing on the drive altogether.

Write Protection – Set Devices in Read-Only Mode
With Write Protection, users can set their drive in a read-only mode when unlocking it on non trusted machines and thereby gain protection from malware trying to infect the drive or its content. It is also possible for an administrator to enforce this protection when a user leaves the company network ensuring that no malware can be copied to the drives and brought back to the company.

Geolocation and Geofencing
Using IP-based location tracking, pinpoint the exact location of your encrypted endpoints anywhere in the world. With SafeConsole, you can also geofence your devices making them accessible only within specific geographic boundaries.

Authorized Autorun – Stop Autorun Viruses
To prevent the spread of autorun malware, SafeConsoleReady devices overwrite the autorun.inf files stored on the encrypted storage volume, choking the effect of viruses such as Conficker. Specify trusted commands to enable authorized applications to autorun off the devices, allowing you to keep the benefits and convenience of autostarting working-tools while blocking gateways for malware infection.

Device User Information
Save time and pain – customize devices with user information for easy identification and secure lost and found.

By defining “token” questions, SafeConsole administrators can ask device users to enter unique information about themselves. The “token” information allows the administrator to create a custom message about the user under the About window to easily identify lost devices without requiring permission to unlock the drive.

Autostart applications that require a password to start can also make use of “token” information by assigning a token as a necessary password. This allows the application to launch without interruption.

The information is collected to the server and can be used to sort and search users and their devices.

Device User Settings
Configure device settings to tailor the SafeConsoleReady device to your needs (e.g. disallow users from factory-resetting their devices). It is also possible to enforce a user interface language and pre-approve the device warranty for quicker device deployment.

ZoneBuilder is a tool to create a “trusted zone” of computers that makes using your SafeConsole managed devices even more Simply Secure.


  1. White list the computer IP address in SafeConsole.
  2. Plug-in your SafeConsoleReady storage device and enter the device password.

Your computer has been registered into your Trusted Zone!


  • RESTRICT device access to computers inside your Trusted Zone.
  • AUTO-UNLOCK your storage device eliminating the need to enter your password. It makes sharing files within your Trusted Zone quick and easy. This feature uses RSA client certificates for authentication.

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