McAfee Powered Anti-Malware: The Gold Standard for SafeConsole Managed Devices

Many government agencies and enterprise organizations have strict IT requirements for deploying USB and other drives within their environments. DataLocker’s anti-malware service, powered by McAfee, allows administrators to enable autorun malware defense as just one of the key features to meet and exceed these requirements. With an on-board antivirus that scans the files being stored on your secure storage devices, you can protect your files against viruses, worms, trojan horses and other malware threats when the device is being utilized on a Windows system.

  • Easy Deployment

    Simply enable the anti-malware service by applying a policy to the device. No other installation is required for the device or on the computer. The anti-malware service does not interfere with any on-board AV installed on the host computer.

  • Always-on Protection
    • Seamlessly runs in the background of your device, from your device – protecting from threats even in an outside network – no administrator privileges are necessary.
  • Active Monitoring
    • When threats are detected, receive notifications in the malware scanner log. Automatically update virus definitions provided by the award winning McAfee Anti Virus security updates.
  • Built-in Protection
    • No installation required, anti-malware activation is available with your SafeConsole account features
    • Always active and up-to-date on your device.
    • Cannot be disabled by the user or external programs.
  • Scans and Removes
    • Automatically scans, blocks, and removes any viruses, ransomware, worms, trojan horses, spyware, rootkits and other malware threats
    • Reports issues to SafeConsole
    • Quarantines malicious files to prevent infecting the host system
  • Real-time Reporting

    Admins receive real-time reporting for threat detection through SafeConsole.

    • In the SafeConsole admin portal, easily audit who, what, when, and where the threat occurred.

Anti-malware service powered by McAfee is available for these SafeConsole Ready Devices*:

  • DataLocker DL3 and DL3 FE external hard drives
  • Sentry ONE, Sentry K300(AV not available in Stand Alone Mode)
  • DataLocker Sentry 3 FIPS flash drives
  • Kingston DataTraveler Vault Privacy3.0
  • Kingston DataTraveler 4000 G2.
  • *device client update may be required

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