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EncryptDisc: Encrypted Portable Media - DataLocker Inc.

Encrypted CDs
and DVDs

EncryptDisc benefits

Ease of Use Ensures User Compliance

Simply insert EncryptDisc and create a password when prompted. Drag and drop files and then click to finalize the disc.

Automatic Compliance Encryption

Meet regulatory compliance, HIPAA, CMMC, NIS2, and more with government-certified FIPS 140-2 Level 1, 256-bit AES encryption (Cert. #819), all stored data is encrypted automatically.

Backup 100GB, Archive for 1000 years, and Transfer Data at a Low Cost

You can backup data securely (up to 100GB on a single disc) and archive data encrypted (for 1000 years on M-DISC) but also enable transfers of data at a low running cost, with blank discs available below one US dollar, on an encrypted and password-protected EncryptDisc from PC to PC either as finished read-only discs or writable discs to allow adding additional files.


The EncryptDisc media works with any disc writer hardware (such as Verbatim), making it hardware agnostic and on all Windows systems from Windows 11 going back to Windows XP. The resulting discs are portable, standalone, and ideal for compliant backup, archival, and data confidentiality/integrity for transfers. As such, EncryptDisc addresses users’ needs who require a simple and highly secure method to transport, share, and archive sensitive data and records. There’s no software installation required and no need for third-party software applications. Everything you need is on the disc.

EncryptDisc is the proven choice for low-cost, high-capacity encrypted optical media that adheres to HIPAA, SOX, HITECH, CMMC, NIS2, GDPR, and other industry standards.

The EncryptDisc technology has stood the test of time and broad adoption by security-aware industries, being introduced in 1999 by EncryptX, acquired by media giant Imation (a 3M spinoff known for their disc media), and then under the stewardship of encryption specialist DataLocker Inc. since 2014.

EncryptDisc Creator Software allows you to create EncryptDisc Media from your own available optical discs such as Blu-ray (BDXL 100GB, BD-R 25-50GB, BD-RE 25GB), DVD-R/RW (8.54GB), DVD+-R/RW/DL, CD+-R/RW 700MB and is M-DISC compatible for long-term archival (1000 years).

EncryptDisc Creator Software is licensed and purchased separately—contact sales@datalocker.com. Demo software is free and can be made available immediately for compatibility testing and proof of concept.