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Data in Motion/Rest - DataLocker Inc.


In today’s digital world, having your data stagnate is a recipe for business failure. For businesses to be successful, data must be in a constant state of motion, making it accessible for people to analyze and make decisions.

But that kind of fluidity opens you up to risks.

That’s where DataLocker comes in. DataLocker simplifies the encryption process, making it easy for users to protect external storage devices – and for companies to ensure their proprietary data is secure at rest and in motion.

The era of remote work is upon us. No longer is it a minority of the workforce but now the vast majority of workers are spending the majority of time working outside the office. This has increased the popularity of external storage devices – making it critical for businesses to manage the data on those devices as well as providing controls to remotely delete information from lost or stolen devices.

Every individual and workforce is unique and requires a different combination of security, features, performance, and price. DataLocker’s line of secure & encrypted storage devices is designed to meet the diverse needs of people and organizations around the world.

Secure External Storage Products from DataLocker

DataLocker offers a full range of encrypted USB and hard drives to meet various usability and security needs, including FIPS 140-2 certification and super speed USB 3.0 interface to SSD options and central management capabilities.