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As your remote workforce grows, so does the risk to your data. With so much of your workforce working from home, encryption securities are on the rise. In fact, according to a study from Ponemon Institute, adoption is at an all-time high. Only half of the respondents said they have an encryption plan that spans the entire enterprise.

With so much data in motion, enterprises need encryption solutions that protect external devices. Imagine having a single source of truth that provides full visibility and control of all external devices. Using military-grade encryption, DataLocker delivers the most innovative encryption solutions to the market, encrypting data in the cloud and on external devices to ensure security.

DataLocker simplifies the encryption process.

We make it easy for users to protect external storage devices and for companies to ensure their proprietary data is secure in motion and at rest. As they grapple with external attacks on their networks, applications, and data, businesses can take a more identity-centric approach to security, permitting and restricting data as needed on external assets.