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DataLocker is the leading provider of advanced encryption solutions.
Elevate the security of your IT/OT environments with our comprehensive suite of endpoint protection, device management tools, and encrypted storage solutions.
SafeConsole PortBlocker Enhanced endpoint protection—Protect from malware, ransomware, and data breaches. Safeguard your endpoints from USB threats.
SafeConsole DeviceControl Unified USB Device Management—Simplify management of hardware-encrypted USB storage devices, just like an MDM.
SafeConsole SafeCrypt Fully encrypt your data using military-grade AES 256-bit, FIPS 140-2 mode encryption before storing it on your preferred storage endpoint.
Encrypted Storage Secure your data with military-grade encryption on USB drives.

Security. Management. Compliance.

We protect sensitive data and intellectual property for governments, militaries, and 70% of Fortune 100 companies with a complete suite of central management platforms, cloud encryption gateway, and hardware encrypted products.

Endpoint Protection
and Management Tools

SafeConsole is a centralized platform
that combines the management of
hardware-encrypted USB storage
devices, protection against USB threats,
and seamless file and folder protection
through SafeCrypt Virtual Drives.

SafeConsole—a suite of
modules to enhance your
security measures.

With its three versatile modules, PortBlocker, DeviceControl, and SafeCrypt—SafeConsole offers the flexibility to choose the specific security modules based on your needs.

Additionally, SafeConsole supports zero-touch deployment for added convenience, making it an
ideal solution for managing
and securing endpoints.

SafeConsole Central Management incorperates PortBlocker, DeviceControl, and SafeCrypt.