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Cloud Security

It wasn’t that long ago that companies weren’t sure they could trust the cloud. Sure, it enabled greater collaboration and reduced spend on expensive on-premise solutions, but there was skepticism over security.

It’s safe to say those concerns have lessened. According to Gartner, cloud security spending will increase by 33 percent, growing to a nearly $600 million market in 2020, and is the fastest growing cybersecurity market.

Built in the cloud, DataLocker provides a holistic, unmatched solution that is scalable, enabling us to adapt to new security threats and innovate on the fly to combat them. Using DataLocker encrypted hard drives in combination with its control software, security teams can be up and running in the cloud in minutes, not hours, days, or weeks. More importantly, the combination of DataLocker’s encrypted virtual drives and cloud-based control platform returns full control over passwords, key management and encryption to IT organizations, eliminating the human error that typically occurs when security is left in the hands of employees.

Our SafeConsole Cloud is a single-tenant solution dedicated to your organization.

It can be hosted in your choice of cities around the world. You can also choose from our global network of data centers where to host your server, to meet regional regulatory requirements. No user content is stored on the cloud, and all network traffic is encrypted. Store and secure cloud data in encrypted devices or virtual drives.