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Endpoint Security & Control

Endpoint Security
& Control

Where is your data?

Because data has become so pervasive in businesses, one of the biggest challenges facing security organizations is knowing where it lives and being able to lock it down and control it remotely. According to technology research firm IDC, 70 percent of successful breaches originated on the endpoint, which is often a personal drive not connected to your network.

Organizations often take for granted that data lives on the endpoint, and protecting employees’ external devices is a critical part of the security framework. It’s a powerless feeling when an organization has done everything possible to lock down its network and applications, only to be compromised on an external device.

DataLocker returns the power to the IT team, providing real-time controls to secure the endpoint data and drives. Using proprietary control and management software – SafeConsole – from DataLocker, system administrators can encrypt, track, lockdown, and remove access to external drives as crises arise, giving the business complete control over remote and cloud data.

Leveraging software and hardware from DataLocker, companies can centrally administer usage and passwords by using a broad range of flexible policy and password management controls.

In addition, companies can:

  • Efficiently manage device inventory, lifecycle and maintenance—even for users in the field.
  • Easily manage thousands of flash drives, hard drives and secure workspace devices and enforce device-specific policies for drives on and off the network.
  • Force software updates, remotely manage configurable policies, including password strength, password aging, password retry limits and onboard portable applications.
  • Easily modify and update policies to permit and revoke user or administrative authorization.
  • Remotely reset passwords (including user self-password recovery), update policies, force mode, disable or even detonate devices from anywhere in the world.
  • Accurately manage users, groups, devices and service licenses—adding or subtracting as needed when your requirements and users change.

DataLocker technology on-premise or in the cloud enables companies to separate users from the system to ensure maximum security and optimal flexibility — allowing organizations to use their preferred endpoint security software to securely deploy external devices to end users. Advanced management features such as the exclusive Silver Bullet Service and Malware Scanner can even protect against rogue users or similar insider threats by sending a remote self-destruct signal to the drive.