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How To Make Backup And Recovery Easy For End Users?

Statistics reveal that 60% of backups never get completed, and 50% of data restores aren’t successful. So, data recovery becomes a monumental challenge for end-users while their IT department has no idea how to fix the situation. 

This, in turn, increases downtime and impacts productivity. In fact, the company can also suffer considerable financial losses. Therefore, it is paramount to help your employees make the recovery process more manageable and ultimately save time, maximize productivity, and reduce financial risk.

Read on to learn how to enable end-users and IT personnel to partake in regular backup and recovery practices:

Encourage Users to Backup Data Frequently

Educate your employees about making regular backups of critical data on a portable system or desktop. You can do this via awareness and education programs. The IT business unit can also consider executing automated PC backups via network backup technologies for main users.

Store Offsite Backups

It is necessary to store backup media offsite in an environmentally controlled, secure facility. If users back up their data on stand-alone systems instead of saving data to the network, this provides a means to store the media at alternate sites. 

Provide Guidance On Storing Data

Advise all users to make a separate folder for sensitive and confidential data. Doing so will help you increase the data protection capabilities as you do server backup daily and help technical teams expedite the individual desktop recovery.

Standardized Software, Peripherals, and Hardware

System recovery is quicker if peripherals, software, and hardware are standardized across the organization. If standard configurations aren’t possible within the organization, you should standardize configurations by machine type, model, or business unit if possible.

Additionally, make sure that the critical hardware components are compatible with computer components that are off-the-shelf to recover them immediately in case of a disaster to make recovery easier. This compatibility will also help prevent delays.

Align System Access Policy and Network Security

Aligning desktop recovery needs with the security control and network can help the users protect against malicious attacks or code that can compromise the availability of computer systems. 

In selecting the proper technical disaster and recovery solution, sensitivity and confidentiality of data requirements should also be considered to ensure that the recovery solution doesn’t disclose or compromise proprietary, classified, or sensitive data.

Wrapping Up

With the digital transformation taking the world by storm, the demand for increasingly capable, affordable, and scalable recovery and backup solutions has never been greater.

Datalocker offers various solutions and makes backup and recovery easier for end-users while providing certainty and control of your critical data. 

If you need a more comprehensive and robust solution for data backup and recovery, we can help you. Head over to our site and request a demo.