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DataLocker protects mission-critical data with military-grade encryption products and offers the only solution that enables central management of encrypted devices.

Ensuring Data Security...
At Rest, In Motion, Anyone, Anywhere.

DataLocker solves your complex data security challenges effortlessly. From the most clandestine government agencies to savvy enterprises – encryption is demanded, control is needed. With sophisticated virtual and physical encrypted devices to comprehensive control over every device. DataLocker solutions: the security trifecta that are a sure bet.

SafeConsole: Security That's Visibly Different

The most powerful security approach is hidden and built-in for users, but visible and controllable by IT. Monitoring, permissions, passwords, port-blocking and more at your fingertips with SafeConsole. See what’s possible.

Virtual Encrypted Drives: You hold the keys, not your cloud provider.

Why let someone else control your access and visibility? The best encryption, certifications and seamless experience that makes using virtual drives both secure and easy. Get driving.

Encrypted Physical Devices: Data on the move? Static? Rest Easy, your data is always secure.

From hard drives to flash drives with screens, you’ve literally seen nothing like this lineup. Beloved by users, trusted by IT. Find your fit.

Global Protection:
Over 400K Endpoints Secured
Earned Trust:
70% of the Fortune 100 Trust DataLocker
Recognized Authority:
35 Patents Issued
Cover the World:
Securing Data in Over 40 Countries
"DataLocker is slick, easy to use, and reliable. And you can quote me!"
- Vint Cerf, Google