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Best Data Encryption Solutions & Secure USB Storage Drives

Keep your data safe.


Elevate the security of your IT/OT environments with
our comprehensive suite of encrypted storage solutions,
endpoint protection, and management tools.


Security. Management. Compliance.




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Secure your IT/OT environments.

Encrypted Storage. Endpoint Protection. Management Tools.


Secure your data with military-grade encryption on USB drives.


Enhanced endpoint protection—Safeguard your endpoints from USB threats using the advanced PortBlocker Module.


Unified USB Device Management—Simplify management of hardware-encrypted USB storage devices with SafeConsole’s DeviceControl module. Just like an MDM.


Fully encrypt your data using military grade AES 256-bit, FIPS 140-2 mode encryption before it is stored on your preferred storage Endpoint.

Endpoint Protection
and Management Tools


SafeConsole is a centralized platform
that combines the management of
hardware-encrypted USB storage
devices, protection against USB threats,
and seamless file and folder protection
through SafeCrypt Virtual Drives.

SafeConsole—a suite of
modules to enhance your
security measures.

With its three versatile modules, PortBlocker, DeviceControl, and SafeCrypt—SafeConsole offers the flexibility to choose the specific security modules based on your needs.

Additionally, SafeConsole supports zero-touch deployment for added convenience, making it an
ideal solution for managing
and securing endpoints.


Security. Management. Compliance.


Secure storage and sharing of classified information and protection of sensitive data during investigations and intelligence operations.


Secure storage and sharing of sensitive energy infrastructure data and critical infrastructure protection against cyber threats.


Safe storage and transmission of patient records, compliance with data protection regulations, and safeguarding medical research data.


Secure storage and transmission of financial records, compliance with regulatory requirements, and prevention of data breaches and fraud.


Protection of proprietary designs, secure storage of manufacturing process data, and prevention of intellectual property theft.


Confidential storage and sharing of legal documents, client data protection, data privacy compliance, and legal requirements.

*FIPS and EAL certifications depend on device.

“I never thought it could be this easy to secure and manage
a thousand USB drives, but it is with DataLocker.”

— IT Admin

“DataLocker is slick, easy to use, and reliable.
And you can quote me!”

— Vint Cerf, Google

“Simply put, no unauthorized person will be able to breach
the DL4 FE’s encryption and other safeguards.”

— PC Mag

“The Sentry K350 OLED screen helps Datalocker move
away from the use of indicator LEDs, which
admittedly have a steep learning curve.”

— Tech Power Up

“If the security in the DataLocker DL4 FE Encrypted SSD
sounds like something you would see on Mission
Impossible, you’re probably right.”

— Apple Tech Talk

“The DataLocker Sentry K350 encrypted USB flash drive is
an exceptional device that combines top-notch security
features with a user-friendly experience.”

— Brilliance Security Magazine

“The DataLocker DL4 FE succeeds wildly in its mission
to store your secret or sensitive data in ways that
ensure that no adversary could gain access to it.”

— PCMag

“The Sentry K350 alphanumeric keypad, coupled
with the screen, makes it easy to generate a
complex word or phrase as your password…”

— Tech Power Up

“DataLocker’s DL4 FE Encrypted External Hard Drive
is one of the most reliable and easy-to-use encrypted
external hard drives on the market today.”

— Brilliance Security Magazine

“It’s no wonder that the US government and military, and many
high-profile corporations, rely on DataLocker products, which meet
the exacting security criteria these organizations demand.”

— PCMag

“Whether you’re a business professional who needs to keep sensitive data safe while traveling or just someone who wants to keep their data secure, the DL4 FE drive is an invaluable tool.”

— Brilliance Security Magazine

“The SafeConsole Cloud (SCC) hosted service is the easiest
and quickest way to get your organization managing
and securing your encrypted endpoints.”

— Truth in IT

“DataLocker is a proven leader in secure backup devices trusted
by over 70% of the Fortune 100 that provide cost-effective and
easy-to-use implementation against “WannaCry” scenarios.”

— Globe Newswire