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The ability to safely transport and store data, in most organizations, is just as important as the data itself. But many agencies, companies, and other establishments simply do not put as much thought into their drive security as they do into the information they are storing there—and that’s a mistake. Securing your drives is critical to ensuring all of your most vital data is properly protected no matter what it is or where it goes.

And though keeping your drives secure is of vital importance, it doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, DataLocker can actually make it easy.

Why drive security is essential

Data breaches, leaks, and disruptions are a regular part of the news cycle these days. But just because they are common doesn’t make them any less painful. And they don’t just cause public relations problems—including both embarrassment and a loss of trust with clients, customers, or public—because a data incident can put more than your image at risk.

Your most valuable data can be hacked, copied, stolen, deleted, or otherwise disrupted, leaving military planning, patient data, financial transactions, government plans, and more vulnerable and accessible to unauthorized parties. In some cases, these incidents are caused by individuals or groups who are deliberately seeking to hack the system for personal gain or malicious purposes. But sometimes security breaches happen simply because of forgetfulness, laziness, or oversight. Data security is subject to human error too.

And that is why keeping the drives where you store and transfer that data secure prevents loss, theft, or disruption. Maintaining your drives with encryption and other security measures means you and your leadership team can rest easy knowing that your organization’s info is safe.

How drive security works

Do not rely on a simple password, which can be guessed or hacked, or on physical locks and protection, which can be broken or breached. Data encryption scrambles your organization’s information right at the source, encoding your information and making it unreadable to any unauthorized users who receive it.

Only authorized users can access the information by using a password or encryption key, which allows them to encrypt the data that has been stored on your hard drive, remote storage, or other information storage platform. This gives you and your leadership team the control to decide when data can be retrieved, where it can be retrieved, and who can retrieve it.

DataLocker uses 256-bit encryption standards, which is why DataLocker’s encryption technology is used by government and military agencies, legal institutions, the healthcare industry, financial institutions, and Fortune 500 companies. These organizations expect a high level of data security and our products deliver it.

We use military-grade security standards to build innovative products that serve our clients’ hardware, software, and management needs—allowing them to store, share, and secure all of their most important information. As a matter of fact, DataLocker owns more than a dozen patents for the data encryption technology we use. We also recognize that technology is changing and improving almost constantly, so we strive to remain on the cutting edge of industry best practices with nearly a dozen patent applications currently awaiting approval. DataLocker stays on top of advances in encryption to bring our customers the best security solutions of the day.

Secure drive options

And how does that technology work for you exactly? DataLocker offers a portfolio of innovative products that leverage our state-of-the-art encryption. Our encrypted hard drives and encrypted virtual drives provide the storage space you need no matter the size of your organization. And when you need to be able to safely and securely transfer your data, our encrypted USB and flash drives and encrypted external hard drives provide a secure solution for removable media storage.

Whether you are looking for the super speed of a USB 3.0 interface, solid state drive (SSD) options, FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) certification, or other features, our line of secure and encrypted drives are designed to meet diverse needs for our clients. We also want to make it possible to easily and securely manage your encrypted drives from anywhere in the world—which is exactly what our central management solutions and its easy-to-use interface can do.

Each of these products can help you and your business secure customer data, patient histories, business plans, financial transactions, employee information, sensitive communication, and more. Securing your drives is critical and that is why our secure drives are used by some of the largest and most security-minded agencies and organizations in the world.

Drive security best practices

Like any data usage processes, there are plenty of best practices to keep in mind to maintain security. Fortunately, DataLocker makes it easy to keep you and your team in compliance without a whole bunch of extra training or added complications.

Encryption means you don’t have to worry about weak or outdated passwords. Our USB drives, flash drives, hard drives, and external drives are all built so you don’t have to install or configure any software. Not to mention, we include the option to automatically scan your data for viruses, worms, trojan horses, and other malware threats right from your drives—even automatically removing any viruses found and sending reporting on the virus incident to your central management console. It is features like these that keep your data safe without you having to lift a finger.

DataLocker offers best-in-class data security solutions for companies and organizations large and small. We are dedicated to protecting your data from breaches, leaks, and mistakes by securing your drives with encryption services.

Do not leave your organization open to exposure or a public relations nightmare. Make securing your drives a priority. Ready to learn how DataLocker can support your organization through simply secure data encryption? Contact to request a sample or click here to request an evaluation!