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Ultra Secure

Mass Storage
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The DL4 FE is an ultra-compliant, ultra-secure, remotely manageable storage drive that’s super easy to use.

6 Reasons Why the DL4 FE
Is Different

Encryption and Physical Security – Powerful AES 256-Bit encryption in a hardened enclosure.

Massive Capacities – Up to 15.3 TB. Available in a speedy SSD.

Compliance – CC EAL5+ certified, FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified, and TAA compliant*

Remote Management – Remotely manageable via SafeConsole, so admins can easily deploy, audit, and even wipe devices from anywhere.

Ease of Use – Handy touchscreen makes access easy. Device works on Mac, Linux, Windows, or any device that can read a mass storage device. Plus there’s no software to install.

“Nuclear” Options – Remote Device Detonation and SilentKill™ give users easy ways to wipe data, so nothing ever gets in the wrong hands.