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How Top Enterprises Approach Backup And Recovery - DataLocker Inc.

Businesses and organizations have a lot of essential data that they need to secure. If they lose their data, their daily operations will halt. You might try to secure your system in every way, but there is no way to make your system fool-proof. 

Operating systems or hardware might crash, any employee can make errors, and disaster might happen at any time, especially when you least expect it. That is why every enterprise has a data backup and recovery plan to help them run successfully without the fear of losing everything. 

Simplify Backup Operations 

Legacy backup tools are multiple point solutions that are disconnected, complex to manage, and require expensive upgrades. They go for solutions that aren’t complex and can be operated without a hassle.

That is why enterprises approach hyper-converged backup and recovery solutions that update and consolidate the abilities of their multiple point products into a unified modern platform that can be managed conveniently through a single, global UI. These solutions also offer limitless, authentic scale-out architecture and cover a complete set of workloads that include cloud-native, physical, virtual, traditional and modern databases, SaaS management applications, and storage.

Ensure Business Continuity 

Downtime can do real-time damage to your business operations. It could hurt both your bottom line and reputation. In that case, legacy backup products would fail as they are unable to handle quick recovery of more than a few virtual machines (VMs) at a time. You need complex data stitching across various backup copies before the data is presented for recovery. 

That is why enterprises rely on modern-day backup solutions that don’t limit recovering capability. They use it to perform the recovery of hundreds of VMs or other data sets within minutes instead of days. Hence, you must opt for a solution that will help maintain countless and fully hydrated backup copies. 

Maintain An Offsite Data Backup

Among the top approaches, enterprises implementing backup and recovery are setting up at least one offsite data backup. They use this backup to store their organization’s data in a separate data center.

Creating a backup on a remote data hub ensures that the data remains safe from potential cyberattacks and other disasters, making it a good cloud backup.

Cyberhackers have come up with more advanced methods to breakthrough online security. That is why many companies fell prey to ransomware attacks during the pandemic. To address this threat, enterprises are now maintaining offsite data backup as well. 

Wrapping Up

Your business priority should be to plan your backup and recovery strategy in a way that your data remains safe from any damage. If you are an enterprise seeking secure options for data encryption of your hardware to create an offline backup, get in touch with DataLocker for a custom demo