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How to Use a YubiKey for Two-Factor Authentication - DataLocker Inc.

In our digital world, Two-Factor Authentication can play a crucial role in safeguarding confidential data. By combining encryption with  password protection, many businesses are enhancing their overall data security.

To make the process easier, many businesses are turning to devices like the YubiKey to ensure secure authentication without much inconvenience. But what exactly is a YubiKey and how do you use one? Let’s take a look.

What Is a YubiKey?

YubiKey is a hardware-based authenticator designed to enable Multi-Factor Authentication in PCs, VPNs, and online services. It features various verification options like one-time passwords (OTP), Universal 2nd Factor, FIDO2, and more. Unlike 2FA applications, a user cannot access the data without inserting a physical key and using the correct password.

Even if an unauthorized user gets the key, they cannot access files without the correct password. With FIDO algorithms, YubiKey is one of the securest devices for Two-Factor Authentication. Even some of the largest tech companies like  Google and Facebook use it to safeguard user accounts from hackers.

How to Use a YubiKey for Two-Factor Authentication?

Select YubiKey Device

First, you’ll start by selecting a device. Yubico has a few options for different needs. Inside their portal,select the category and YubiKey device with the model.  Make sure you’re choosing the correct product and model before proceeding further.

Choose the Application

Once you select a device, the portal will direct him to the YubiKey catalog, where you can select from a variety of authentication applications like 1Password and Duo Security. From here, your can choose the application with features that best suit your security needs.

Configure Your YubiKey

Configuring YubiKey is a crucial step to enable Two-Factor Authentication. Insert the key in a USB port and sign in at the official website of the selected application. After that, click on the Two-Factor Authentication tab and connect the YubiKey with the device. Once the device is connected, you can finish the configuration by touching the sensor on your key.

Enable NFC and Biometrics

Besides 2FA, a user can also use the YubiKey to enable Multi-Factor Authentication. Some products allow adding NFC devices and Biometrics for more convenience. If the user has a YubiKey with the above features, they can add a third layer of encryption with OTP and password security.


YubiKey is one of the most popular Two-Factor Authentication devices in the world. Not only does it simplify dual verification, it also allows a user to enable Multi-Factor Authentication for better security. YubiKey requires a simple configuration process and the 2FA or MFA application to be a part of data security. Despite a simple process, YubiKey is secure enough to foil the attempts of would-be hackers as they attempt to steal confidentiality of data.

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