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Top 5 Tools and Apps for Two-Factor Authentication - DataLocker Inc.

As the internet continues to evolve, cybercriminals continue to find more sophisticated ways of  breaching security and accessing confidential data. Basic password security is a great place to start, but it‘s not always enough to safeguard confidential data. Luckily, Two-Factor Authentication enables a dual-layer of protection keeping information safe from cybercriminals.

Two-Factor and Multi-Factor authentication methods are safe, easy to use, and reliable ways to enhance the security of the databases. Considering their popularity, companies are developing various Multi-Factor Authentication solutions with advanced features. Here are some of the best tools and applications designed for Two-Factor Authentication.

5 Best Two-Factor Authentication Tools

Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator is a simple-to-use 2FA tool designed for all devices. It works with TOTP (Time-based One-Time-Password) and HOTP (HMAC-based OTP) algorithms to enable two-step verifications. Meanwhile, TOTP is more reliable than HOTP as the password works for a short time and disables access after a period of time.

Microsoft Authenticator

Microsoft’s Azure is a famous Multi-Factor Authentication tool developed for better risk management. The application allows a user to add multiple verification steps like password security, fingerprint scan, and hardware keys as per the needs of the organization. If a hacker breaches the primary security, they may be  two have two or more authentication methods to gain access to data.


When it comes to exploring Two-Factor Authentication tools, Authy is among the most secure. Authy allows a user to upload security codes to the cloud server encrypted with password security. With a unique methodology, over 11,000 websites are using Authy to safeguard their confidential data.

Duo Security

Duo is another cloud-based application to authenticate users on a list. Whenever a user tries to log in to an application or website, Duo sends a text message containing the OTP. The user cannot access the data until he fills the correct OTP before it expires. An unauthorized user may hack your password, but can’t access data without the OTP.


Last but not least, Okta is a great Two-Factor Authentication tool to safeguard the sign-in process. It shares 4–6-digit security codes via text, e-mail, and app notification whenever a user attempts to sign in. Okta also allows admins to enable MFA by adding two or more verification steps for better data security. Since it’s compatible with many platforms, Okta is popular with many large organizations.


When it comes to ensuring data security,  Two-Factor Authentication is incredibly effective. From websites to cloud backups, 2FA helps a user add multiple verification steps to protect data on everything from enterprise servers to your email account. An admin can add passwords, OTP verification, biometrics, and other digital tokens to lock down sensitive data.

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