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Why Your Memory Might Be Your Best Password Tool - DataLocker Inc.

The risks of identity theft, fraud, and data breaches are greater than ever. It’s crucial that businesses and individuals secure their accounts using industry best practices. While password managers are becoming more popular, are they more useful than simply memorizing your secure passwords?

Memorizing Secure Passwords for Password Security

People have relied on themselves to remember passwords since passwords were first created. It doesn’t require anything more than your mind, but as humans, our memories can be untrustworthy. When a user relies on memory to protect, they can run into a bevy of problems:

  1. To use memory, you need easy-to-remember passwords. In many cases, users pick something simple like their pet’s name or date of birth, etc. These are not secure passwords.
  2. When relying on memory, it’s nearly impossible to remember different passwords for different sites. Users commonly use the same passwords across multiple accounts, making the accounts more vulnerable.
  3. When memory fails, users will end up writing down passwords, which means someone can find them and breach various accounts.

Using Password Managing Tools

One way to increase password security is to stop relying on memory and to start relying on password management tools. Such tools allow users to create secure passwords across every account and add two-factor authentication to their master password account to keep all passwords secure. Password managing tools significantly increase the security of your accounts, and many of the available tools are free to use.

Of course, many will still argue in favor of memory simply because nobody can crack a password that lives in your mind (yet) and because password managers require users to put all of their passwords behind one master password. Should that single password be breached, a hacker would have access to all of the data therein.

That’s why organizations and individuals must layer on security. Many are adopting encryption solutions that can add even more layers of security to keep cyber attackers out of sensitive data. If you’re interested in encryption solutions, you might check out DataLocker and request a custom demo.