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Top Benefits of Encrypted External Hard Drives - DataLocker Inc.

Storing and transferring data is getting easier and easier. And while that can mean time savings and convenience for your team, it can also create security problems and put your data at risk.

Ease of use doesn’t necessarily mean secure, and that can be a big problem for protecting your organization’s information. That’s where encrypted external hard drives come in!


You may feel like data breaches, leaks, and disruptions are an inevitable part of doing business these days, given how often such security incidents are in the news, but that does not have to be your organization. By using the right tools from the beginning, you can ensure that your information is protected no matter what.

DataLocker’s encrypted external hard drives are designed with 256-bit military-grade encryption to secure your most valuable or sensitive data. Plus, our product line includes features like self-destruct security mode, rapid secure wipe, super-speed USB 3.0 interface, and more to meet your needs.


Corporations, military agencies, healthcare facilities, and organizations of all shapes and sizes are storing larger amounts of data for longer periods of time. In order to meet your business needs, comply with government and industry regulations, and protect your clients and customers, running out of space just isn’t an option.

External hard drives offer the space you need no matter how much capacity you require. With options that include up to 2 TB of storage, DataLocker’s line of encrypted external hard drives can get the job done.


The best thing about external hard drives for many people is their convenience. Durable, capable, and portable, encrypted external hard drives allow you and your team to manage your data without hassle.

But it’s not just your team who benefits. DataLocker’s external hard drives offer administrator access through our SafeConsole central management system, allowing administrative oversight of when, where, and how your devices are being used—and the ability to remotely reset passwords or wipe a drive’s contents.

DataLocker’s simply secure external hard drives offer a safe solution for portable storage of all your most important data, protecting sensitive information from loss or unauthorized access.

Learn more about DataLocker’s our encrypted storage and central management options, and then request an evaluation today.