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Why Security Is Important - DataLocker Inc.

Information is essential to your organization—but so is the flexibility to transfer and share that info across your team and with other important stakeholders. The need for mobility shouldn’t mean leaving your data vulnerable to security issues. And it doesn’t have to with DataLocker’s encrypted
USB storage

Secure USB drives and flash drives can offer your organization the possibility to have both benefits with three key features.


Protect your organization’s information with the security it requires—and deserves. Hardware security and software security features can both be incorporated in secure USB drives to allow for maximum protection of all your most important information.

DataLocker’s secure USB drives help you avoid putting private information at risk—and putting your organization in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.


Worried about who can gain access to each USB drive, tracking down a misplaced drive, or wondering whether you can lock down lost drives from unauthorized users? Secure USB drives can allow you to do all these things with ease and control—and without giving up the flexibility of mobile data.

DataLocker’s encrypted USB drives and central management system put your organization in the driver’s seat with the ability to perform remote password resets, audit for compliance, and more.


In today’s work environment—friendly to remote employees and reliant on mobile devices of all sorts—the ability to quickly and securely share and transfer data is critical. You can depend on secure USB drives to maintain that flexibility without compromising your most important information.

DataLocker’s USB and flash drives allow your team members to easily share data and to collaborate without putting the whole organization at risk.

DataLocker’s simply secure drives offer a safe solution for remote storage of your organization’s information, protecting sensitive data from loss or unauthorized access—without a big price tag.

Learn more about DataLocker’s encrypted USB storage options or request an evaluation today.