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How to Prevent a Security Breach

Security breaches can be a big problem: for your customers, for your investors, for your business. And as more and more business is done digitally (and more and more information shared via mobile and cloud-based devices), there is more risk for a security breach.

Preventing a security breach is best accomplished with a variety of tactics, and here are four of the top ways to protect your organization.

1. Secure Your Drives & Storage Devices

Using unsecured devices is one of the fastest ways to put your data at risk. Ensuring that your organization’s most sensitive information is always stored and shared via secured storage devices prevents data leaks, breaches, and thefts. Prioritize devices that have military-grade encryption and that can be managed remotely to put your mind at ease.

2. Set The Rules

Most organizations have requirements for creating (and regularly changing) strong passwords—but you can take it further. Creating file-type limits, geographic restrictions, automatic antivirus protection, and more are all possible with managed devices. These requirements and restrictions mean that you have complete control of who accesses what . . . and where.

3. Train Your Personnel

It’s true what they say: we don’t know what we don’t know. And since there has never been just one right way to handle data and transfer information, teams often have many different ideas of what constitutes best practices. Communicate your organization’s standards for storing and sharing data early and often.

4. Audit Your Data

While it’s important to set up your information processes correctly in the beginning, it’s even more important to continuously review and assess your data and usage. Regular audits can help you monitor what devices are being used, where devices are being used, and what files are being saved to or deleted from your managed devices.

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