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Cybersecurity Working from Home: Steps Remote Employees Can Take - DataLocker Inc.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced millions of Americans to embrace working from home, a concept they had limited or no experience with at the time. And while many employees have returned to the office, a recent University of Chicago study found that 72% of those surveyed would like to continue working from home for at least two days a week, and 32% said they would like to work from home permanently. Keeping your sensitive data safe and secure from cyber threats is a top priority in this new reality.

In this increasingly wireless world, the steps employees should take regarding cybersecurity have changed. Most homes now run networks of devices linked to their employer that access wireless networks. Thus, having the right tools in place will instill confidence that you can use the internet safely and securely for work-related endeavors.

Below are steps employees working from home can take to protect themselves against cyber attacks better:

Secure Your Wireless Router

Using a wireless router is an increasingly convenient way to allow multiple devices to connect to the internet from different areas of your home. However, unless your router is secure, you risk the possibility of individuals accessing the information on your computer and, worse, using your network to commit cybercrimes. All wireless devices using this router are vulnerable if your router is not protected.

Some simple ways to secure this piece of hardware include changing the name of your router. The manufacturer typically assigns the default ID, so changing your router to a unique name that others won’t easily guess is a simple way to protect your router. Another important step is changing the preset passphrase on your router. Leaving the default password in place makes it easier for hackers to access your network. In fact, according to  NCA’s 2021 Oh Behave! Report only 43% of participants reported creating long and unique passwords for their online accounts “very often” or “always.”

Additionally, almost a third (28%) said they didn’t do this. Embracing unique and strong passwords is a vast and straightforward step to securing your home from all cyber threats. 

SafeConsole and DeviceControl

The rapid digital transformation this past few years has propelled IT teams to quickly regroup and ensure flexibility of systems and services on an aggressive acceleration schedule. That is why DataLocker worked diligently to create its SafeConsole platform. This simple and intelligent platform is a powerful way to manage hundreds of thousands of devices and endpoints. This robust and easy-to-use software lets your IT professionals easily provision, secure, manage, and audit encrypted USB drives, USB ports, and encrypted virtual drives from anywhere. SafeConsole is available in on-prem and cloud (SaaS) rollouts and has optional Premium support and enterprise features, including SSO.

Install Firewalls and Security Softwares On All Devices

Installing a firewall on wireless routers is a necessity. Firewalls are essential because they help keep hackers from using your device, which could result in your personal information being sent out without your permission. They guard and watch for attempts to access your system while blocking communications with sources you don’t permit. Furthermore, ensure all devices connected to the wireless network have security software systems installed and updated. The most up-to-date security software, web browsers, and operating systems are the best defense against online threats such as viruses and malware. Many gadgets have automatic update features, so households should ensure they are on for all available technology.

SafeConsole Anti-Malware

In addition to securing limitless devices and endpoints centrally and remotely, SafeConsole offers Onboard McAfee® anti-malware. This additional feature is always on to scan files on secure USB drives, remove or quarantine malware threats, and report information to SafeConsole in real-time.

This anti-malware seamlessly runs on your device in the background, protecting it from threats even if it’s outside your network. Just enable the Anti-Malware service by applying a policy to the device using SafeConsole. No other installation is required. No administrator privileges are necessary, and users and external programs cannot disable it.

Back-Up All Household and Remote Work Data

While steps can be taken to avoid your network, devices, and accounts being hacked or compromised, they can never be 100% effective. That said, remote workers must embrace backing up data, especially regarding important information. Users can protect their valuable work, photos, and other digital information by making electronic copies of important files and storing them safely. This can be done using cloud software such as DataLocker’s SafeConsole Cloud platform or manually storing information on encrypted USBs and Hard Drives. Storing data in an alternative safe and secure location provides another layer of protection. 

Encrypted USBs and Hard Drives

DataLocker offers several options for encrypted devices that can be used with or without SafeConsole management. DataLocker drives require no software to encrypt data with military-grade AES 256-bit encryption. They’re simple to use, TAA compliant, come up to 15.3 TB capacities, and are remotely manageable with SafeConsole.


DataLockers DL4 FE is a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Certified device that is secure to the core. Built around a robust AES 256-bit cryptographic hardware architecture, it adds layer after layer of security with automated policies that intelligently change its security posture based on its location, how it’s being used, and the type of data stored on it. The DL4 FE is a TAA-compliant device that meets the strictest security requirements while offering large capacity (up to 15.3 TB) and an easy-to-use touchscreen for setup and use. An influential addition to the DataLocker line of securely managed solutions, the DL4 FE continues our proud tradition of providing Simply SecureTM solutions, plus a limited 3-year warranty backs it.


The H350 is a true military-grade, enterprise-class mobile storage device for government agencies, defense contractors, healthcare, and financial services enterprises. This FIPS 140-2 Level 3, NATO Certified, and AES 256-bit XTS mode encrypted hard drive meets some of the world’s highest security and compliance standards to ensure your organization’s data is safe no matter what. And not only is it ultra-compliant, but it is also available in a Basic edition for standalone implementations or the Enterprise edition, which allows for remote management. 

The H350 is built to survive years of wear and tear. A solid, tamper-resistant enclosure shields the internals. When it comes to equipping government agencies and regulated enterprises needing secure mobile storage solutions with capacities of up to 2TB, nothing beats DataLocker H350 external USB 3.2 Gen 1 hard drives.


As mentioned before, DataLocker also offers encrypted USB devices. The K350 is a powerful FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certified device that allows you to manage & audit your entire fleet remotely while meeting the most strict government requirements for encryption. The onboard screen streamlines setup and operation, making it easier to operate than any keypad device on the market. The screen gives end-users quick access to secure data and allows them to customize device settings. On-screen instructions make setup fast and easy. Remote management available with SafeConsole lets admins fully control or terminate devices over the Internet. Rapid, no-hands, automated deployment at scale is available for both managed and unmanaged K350 drives using the DeviceDeployer tool. End users can reduce risk and harden security with its advanced encryption solutions, whether managed or unmanaged.

Sentry ONE

The DataLocker Sentry ONE is a FIPS 140-2 level 3 validated flash drive. Still, it is the first USB Mass Storage device to achieve full CSPN certification built to meet some of the most rigid compliance requirements. Sentry ONE drives are remotely manageable with SafeConsole, allowing admins to remotely lock or wipe drives, reset passwords, view last-used locations, and see what data has been added, removed, or changed on the drive. Set device or group-specific policies for all the drives in your fleet. Again, whether managed or unmanaged, you can trust the Sentry ONE encrypted USB drive to offer unsurpassed security if the user misplaces it with their sensitive information.


Taking simple, proactive steps to keep coworkers and yourself safe from cyber criminals inside your household should no longer be considered optional but necessary. Between technological devices being introduced and updated rapidly and employees continuing to embrace working from home in some capacity, everyone has an ethical responsibility to actively minimize the risks of breaches and attacks on remote workers.

DataLocker is here to help! As a world leader in encryption solutions with over 35 patents, our technology is at the heart of almost every encrypted hardware and software solution in the market. Our award-winning product line includes everything from encrypted hardware and cloud storage to remote device management. Our products combine convenience with usability and state-of-the-art security to give users a “Simply Secure” experience. We’re proud to be used by two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies and security and military agencies at the highest levels of the Federal Government.

Security threats are more dynamic and sophisticated than ever. From the endpoint to the network, DataLocker has you covered. Reach out to us with any questions, and we are happy to assist you in your journey toward Cyber Resilience.

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