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June 5th, 2012

How to use DataLocker EncryptDisc CD/DVD

How to use the DataLocker SecureDisk CD/DVD discs?

DataLocker’s SecureDisk combines AES 256 bit encryption and disc burning functionality self-contained on a recordable CD or DVD. This is you one-step, simple solution to secure information sharing and archiving.

The encryption software that reads and writes to the disc is portable and runs directly off the disc.  All that is required is a computer running Windows XP/Vista/7 operating system.


Once the disc is inserted in the computer’s optical disc drive, the encryption program starts up automatically (Choose to run the EncryptDisc program if you receive an AutoRun dialog.)  First time setup users will get a “New Password Wizard.”   Otherwise, you will be prompt for a password in order to read the contents of the disc.


Adding Files:

At the encryption program’s screen you will have the choice to easily drag and drop or add them through the program by clicking the icon on the program’s toolbar.

After adding files, you should then complete the process by clicking the icon.

Viewing Files:

You may select the file you would like to either by double clicking it or selecting the file then click the icon.

Decrypt Files:

You may decrypt the encrypted files in order to store save them locally the computer by clicking the icon after selecting a file.  The decrypted file will no longer contain any encrypted data.

Note: Computers without a burner installed may not be able to read the disc if the disc has not been finalized.  This is done through the -> of the encryption software’s top menu bar.  When the disc has been finalized, additional files cannot be added to the disc.