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October 16th, 2018

Encrypted High Speed Micro SSD Keypad Flash Drive Available Now with New DataLocker Sentry® K300

OVERLAND PARK, KS, October 16, 2018 – DataLocker, Inc., a leading provider of encryption solutions,
today announced that the company’s recently announced DataLocker Sentry® K300 encrypted flash
drive is in stock and now available for order. When the company first introduced the K300 at RSA 2018,
attendees gave the company a very positive reaction to the industry’s first menu driven encrypted
keypad flash drive featuring AES 256-bit encryption, an alpha-numeric keypad, enhanced security
features, and up to 256GB capacity, all developed around DataLocker’s “Simply Secure” design
principles. Since RSA, the K300 has passed FIPS 197 and IP57 certifications.

The Sentry K300 is available for purchase from major resellers and distributors worldwide.

The Sentry K300 is the industry’s only platform-independent and OS agnostic keypad flash drive which
incorporates an OLED display and represents the next generation of encrypted data storage products. In
addition to the display’s true alpha-numeric password-based authentication, the Sentry K300 offers
users a full featured, visual based menu driven system to easily change passwords, set password policy
and enable other security features without needing to consult a user manual. The Sentry K300 utilizes
micro SSD flash memory to offer unparalleled speed and performance.

“The Sentry K300 is the next generation of DataLocker’s flagship encrypted storage solutions that uses
alpha-numeric keypads for secure access to data. “This drive is the perfect tool for security conscious
mobile users who require a bootable and fast encrypted storage device for BYOD environments. The
K300 can be used with absolutely any device, tablet, mobile phone, computer, or kiosk that supports
USB mass storage” said Jay Kim, CEO, DataLocker.

The Sentry K300 requires no software or special drivers and easily works with Windows, Linux, Mac,
Android phones and tablets, Chromebooks, and embedded systems that can use USB mass storage. The
K300 has its own power supply and can be used as a bootable device running Windows to Go, Ubuntu
Linux, or local operating systems. The Sentry K300 offers User and Admin roles, read only mode, an
Admin configurable password policy, an auto-lock feature, and rapid secure wipe in case the drive is lost
or stolen. The Sentry K300 is designed to be managed by SafeConsole®, DataLocker’s flagship central
management platform.

For more information on the Sentry K300, go to datalocker.com.


Limited samples of the Sentry K300 are available for editorial review; please send a request to review
the product to Katie Leverman at DataLocker via email to katie@datalocker.com. Please include the
name of the publication/website, a shipping address, and a contact email/phone number.

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