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April 23rd, 2020

DataLocker Sentry K300 receives Gold Award from NikKTech

NikKTech provides a detailed product introduction, tech specs, unboxing with brief comparison of encrypted flash drives, walkthrough of using the drive and many of its features as well as test results from the Sentry K300’s performance numbers.

NikKTech concluded the review by awarding the DataLocker Sentry K300 its gold award.


– Build Quality (IP57 Certified Enclosure)
– Security Measures (AES-XTS 256-bit Hardware Encryption / FIPS 197 Certified)
– Very Good Performance
– OLED Screen (Onboard Menu)
– Alphanumeric Keypad (Numbers & Letters For Password)
– Central Management Software (Extra)
– 3 Year Limited Warranty


– Price (For Some)
– Lacks Some Security Certifications

The full review can be found here.