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June 1st, 2014

DataLocker Introduces DL3 FIPS Edition

DataLocker® Introduces DL3 FIPS Edition, a FIPS 140-2 Validated Encrypted External Hard Drive with Cascading Dual Encryption

The DL3 FE is the world’s first external hard drive utilizing two-pass, cascading encryption with two independent crypto engines for ultimate security.

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas, June 2014 — DataLocker, a leading developer of encryption solutions, today announced the availability of DL3 FE, a new, FIPS 140-2 validated, military grade 256-bit AES encrypted, high capacity, external hard drive. Building on the success and design of it’s predecessor, the DataLocker DL3 FE (FIPS Edition) provides unmatched usability and security. The DL3 FIPS Edition pairs blazing USB 3.0 speeds with unrivaled dual crypto processors.

Individuals are storing record amounts of data and files on external hard drives for data storage and data transport. While these storage devices offer great convenience and portability, the potential for data theft, loss or compromise is high. DL3 FE solves this problem by adding a layer of military-strength encryption to storage devices that is easily secured and managed by the user without installing complicated software.

With DL3 FE, data is fully encrypted the instant you save. Because of the highest level of cascading dual encryption, your data is encrypted, secure, and unreadable in the wrong hands.

Extremely easy to use and platform independent, users simply access their data with a personal passcode. All functions are performed on the device fully independent from the host computer but can be managed for quick deployment with DataLocker Configurator.

Advanced Features of DL3 FE including NEW Features:

  • Hardware based encryption – dedicated dual 256-bit AES crypto engines in XTS and CBC modes
  • Rapid key zeroization for secure redeployment
  • Self-Destruct mode for protection against brute force attacks
  • Patented touch-screen display and user-friendly interface
  • Rotating keypad for mitigation of surface analysis and shoulder surfing
  • Supports two roles: Administrator to set policy, read-only mode, and recover data and User to access data
  • Strong Password Rule (Non Sequential, Repeating, Alpha + Num, Min 7 characters)
  • DL-Link can pair DL3 FE to allow access only on specified computers for added security
  • NEW Auto-Lock automatically times out the device when idle
  • NEW Read-Only feature can restricts users from overwriting or altering contents of the drive

DL3 FE by DataLocker is available immediately. For more details on this product, go to DL3 FE.

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DataLocker is an innovative provider of encryption solutions. DataLocker products secure systems, media, external storage and cloud services for governments, military and enterprises around the world. Headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, DataLocker products combine superior convenience and usability with state of the art security. DataLocker is “Simply Secure”.