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January 17th, 2011

Can I use the DataLocker with a Mac and Windows system without changing the drive format?

No, you will not be able to fully use the Datalocker drive with it’s default NTFS filesystem on your Mac.  By default, the current Mac OS lacks the ability to create or change files on a drive formatted with NTFS filesystem.

If you plan to use the DataLocker between a Windows and Mac environment you have two options:


1) Install Fuse for OSX

 Download link:

For more info on Fuse for OSX visit link:

*You must check the box “MacFUSE Compatibility Layer” at the installation screen.”



Install NTFS 3G Driver

 Download link:

For more info on NTFS 3G Driver visit link:

*At the caching selection option, pick no caching best results.*


2) Reformat the drive in the exFAT format.  Please read this wiki for disadvangtages of using exFAT format.  Some older operating systems may not be able to use the new exFAT filesystem.

The DataLocker supports multiple partitions and formats allowing you to create numerous partitions with different formats depending on your needs.