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Saving Time: Why Endpoint Management is Essential - DataLocker Inc.

Endpoint security has become integral for organizations operating in various industries, especially since the pandemic introduced the remote or hybrid work model. Endpoint management equips businesses with advanced tools and procedures to prevent unauthorized access and attacks that can land vulnerable data into the wrong hands. 

Managing endpoint security requires IT admins to take extensive steps to ensure the data is not compromised. This is especially difficult for businesses that implement work-from-home models since 33% of remote employees use their personal computers. In comparison, only 17% use corporate-assigned computers.

Considering this, IT admins must implement advanced endpoint security tools to streamline their processes. Let’s look at how IT professionals can save time using these approaches. 

Using Endpoint Management Tools 

The use of endpoint management tools simplifies the security processes for IT admins. Whether they choose to deploy the simple technologies for Windows software or choose complex RMM tools, these programs can introduce a positive change in the security processes. 

The right technology can increase security efficiency and help IT admins manage endpoint security for a large number of remote and in-house workers. 

The Benefits Of Endpoint Management Tools 

IT admins can minimize costs, save time, and increase their endpoint security using endpoint management tools. 

  • Time-saving: IT admins can save time by deploying endpoint management tools. The tools run intelligently in the background and scan malware in seconds 
  • Making processes simple: IT admins can conveniently install these tools in the employee’s devices, add restrictions, and grant access control to meet the company’s policy
  • Convenience for end-users:  Deploying intelligent tools also presents comfort to end-users. The teams can continue their operations without the tools slowing down their tasks
  • Automated monitoring: Essentially, intelligent endpoint management tools have automated features to scan and monitor suspicious software to prevent infection. This is especially helpful since only 47% of organizations monitor their networks 24/7
  • Repairs and fixes: In addition to monitoring and actively scanning for malware, the endpoint management tools can also handle repairs and fixes. This process can also save time and money
  • Offline operations: Intelligent tools also work offline and sync changes with the cloud service when the server goes online. In doing so, they can provide complete protection

Endpoint management has become crucial for all businesses dealing with sensitive data. If you’re looking for dependable endpoint management and cybersecurity tools to protect your organization and save time, check out the vast range of products available at DataLocker. 

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