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World Backup Day: 3 Approaches to Backing Up Your Data - DataLocker Inc.

As World Backup Day is around the corner, this is the right time to procure external devices and backup your important data. Even though most people have started backing up their data on secure servers, 54.5% still do not create data backup. This means that one in five people are at constant risk of losing their data due to a computer or system failure.

World Backup Day is celebrated every year on March 31. That’s one day before April Fool’s Day because you must be a fool not to backup your data.

Failure to regularly backup your data makes it vulnerable to viruses and hackers. This makes data backups all the more important for businesses because they must safeguard consumer and corporate data to comply with regulatory and legal requirements. 

Here are some practical ways to safely backup your data this World Backup Day.

Effective Backup Data Techniques

We have detailed multiple ways to secure your data. Select one that suits your needs and budget from the checklist below: 

1. Store Data On An External Hard Drive

External hard drives are the fastest and most secure way of data backup. They have a hard exterior, making them difficult to damage. One of the best external hard drives’ features is the vast storage space. You can buy more storage for a price. 

2. Copy Data in A USB

If you cannot afford an external hard drive, buy a USB for data backup. This is a cheap and easy way to store data. USBs are also very portable due to their pocket size making it easier to carry to work without detection. However, they are not suitable for long-term use due to their vulnerability to damage and malware infection.

3. Transfer Data to Cloud Storage

Using a cloud server for data backup ranks high on the best data storage methods list. 84% of businesses use cloud storage for data backup, making it the most famous approach. Good cloud storage provides a high-security firewall that is effective against hacking attempts. It offers simple data access, and you can also encrypt data to ensure that third parties can never exploit it.

Get Secure Data Storage Today

This World Backup Day, invest in reliable, safe, and secure backup storage for your personal and business data. Get in touch with DataLocker to select a suitable and affordable option for your confidential information.