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Basics Of Cloud Security - DataLocker Inc.

Cloud computing is growing fast. Statistics show that it be $791.48 billion dollar industry by 2028. Although using the Cloud has become mainstream, most users are unaware of the possible security issues they can face after switching to the Cloud.

The risk is significantly higher for small businesses, which are more likely to experience cyberattacks. For example, the 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report shows that small and medium-sized enterprises encounter 43% of data breaches. This is why companies need to take extra measures to stay informed about the security threats their business can face after moving to the Cloud and ways to overcome them.

Use Multi-factor Authentication for Increased Cloud Security

Small and medium-sized businesses suffer from data loss when hackers compromise their systems. The unauthorized personnel employs a rich profusion of techniques, including phishing, ransomware, and malware, to access a company’s confidential files. The cybercriminals then extort the business by demanding payment or misusing the information gathered from the firm’s system.

Overcome this problem using multi-factor authentication. MFA can heighten up the security as your employees log in. This way, your teams can only access company info when they type in their password and complete other authentication checks. Since the additional security checks include biometric login systems, it becomes relatively complex for unauthorized individuals to access the files.

Backup Cloud Data

Another way to increase cloud security is to carry out regular backups on the Cloud. To do this, you can purchase a cloud backup service or ask your cloud service provider to extend a backup and recovery solution.

Study Security and Compliance Certifications of Cloud Service Provider

Another way to heighten up your cloud security is to go through your cloud service provider’s security and compliance certifications. Then, you can choose a service that extends maximum security features to safeguard your company’s critical data.

Moving to the Cloud provides numerous solutions for businesses. Cloud solutions have now become integral for businesses, as they enable companies to work quickly and conveniently. Unfortunately, without taking proper measures to increase cloud security, moving to the Cloud can place firms at risk. This makes it imperative to use different tools and encryption measures to improve their security.

If you want to learn more about encryption tools that can keep your data safe in the Cloud, visit DataLocker and check out the range of security and encryption products available there.