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Top 4 Tools for Managing Password Security - DataLocker Inc.

Password security has become increasingly crucial as cyber attacks become more prominent. In order to create secure passwords for every account, many people are turning to password management tools to help prevent the leaking of sensitive data. With that in mind, here’s a look at some of the top password management tools.

Leading Password Management Tools

  • Keeper Password Manager & Digital Vault

One of top in the market, this password manager is a reliable tool for password security. It’s safe to use and has garnered many thousands of users and high ratings from leading review sites. Keeper Manager offers 100% password security for your accounts, it’s the most audited and certified product in the field, retains a full history of passwords, uses additional security features like two-factor authentication, and supports several different platforms enabling connectivity and access on multiple platforms. However, it the free version is limited.

  • LastPass

LastPass is a good option for anyone looking for strong password security across multiple accounts. It offers 3 plans: free, premium, and family. Unlike many other password managers, what’s unique about LastPass is that it offers all standard password manager features along with a few additional ones that are otherwise available in only premium accounts, such as dark web monitoring tools, and password strength reports. This is one of the most trusted choices by users as it offers several free features, secure sharing, and is accessible across multiple platforms. However, this tool does not support U2F, and offers limited password syncing for free users.

  • Password Boss

This password management tool can be synced across a limited number of platforms; Windows, macOS, IOS, and Android. Like other password management tools, Password Boss also offers secure sharing and password inheritance, along with two-factor authentication. It also offers a dashboard to check on your security and automatic form fills. One downfall? It does not offer online access to stored passwords.

  • DataLocker Encrypted Drives

Though not necessarily a password manager, many users store passwords in a document in a secure encrypted drive such as those provided by DataLocker. Since the data is offline in a secure drive, there’s less risk of someone gaining access to all the passwords by way of the Internet. Furthermore, should a secure drive be lost or stolen, AES 256-bit encryption prevents anybody from accessing its content, keeping passwords secure.