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How to Create a Strong Password You Can Remember

Strong passwords are essential. But outside of writing down passwords, how can you create a password that’s both secure and memorable? What are other ways to get around writing them down?

Use a Password Manager

Rather than memorize a password…don’t. A password manager will create a long and complicated password automatically. When it’s time to use the password, the tool will auto-fill the information for you, so you don’t need to remember it. The right password manager will give you a new password for every site that you use for maximum password security. Many password managers also include two-factor authentication systems to add even more layers of security.

Use Passphrases 

When looking for maximum password security consider using a passphrase instead of a password. While passwords are shorter, a passphrase makes use of a phrase you can remember plus the substitution of numbers in place of letters (e.f. “L8r” instead of the word “later”). In this way, it’s easy to create a long password that’s also memorable

Use a Formula

Many users will adopt a formula that uses a secure combination of letters and numbers plus a variable. For instance, say my formula is $&st_@!$ where the _ is a variable. For each website I have an account, I use the same formula, but change the variable. When I log in to Amazon, for instance, I might use the word Amazon as the variable to arrive at  $&stAmazon@!$. This ensures that every website has a unique password but also gives you a single formula you can memorize. This ensures that you don’t need to write passwords down or rely on a password manager.


Passwords should always be secure whether you choose to memorize a formula, rely on a password manager, or adopt various passphrases. Ensure password security by making passwords long, adding many special character, and avoiding repeating numbers (e.g. 1,2,3).

If you’re looking for other ways to maximize information security, consider encryption. With a DataLocker encrypted drive, you can keep data safe while it’s on the move and never worry about what might happen if a drive falls in the wrong hands. Check out datalocker.com for more info.