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What Is a Secure Drive?

Investing in a secure drive is an excellent way to protect your sensitive data from getting into unauthorized hands. Even when you store software-encrypted data in regular USB drives, it’s still possible to use sensitive data. For example, in 2017, an unencrypted USB thumb drive exposed Heathrow Airport’s confidential files after it was found on the street. Rather than risk exposure of sensitive data, many businesses are using secure drives.

So, what is a secure drive? It’s an encrypted storage drive with an extra layer of protection. It uses full disk encryption (FDE) or federal information processing standard (FIPS) to encrypt the hard drive itself. A secure drive requires users to provide a security key to access their data. As a result, it reduces data loss risks.

Now, let’s look at some of the features to look for in a secure drive.

Features of a Secure Drive for Data Storage Solutions

Since no business can afford to lose sensitive data, we’ll look at a few qualities to look for in a secure drive:

  1. Fosters Data Encryption
  2. Provides Physical Security
  3. Has Remote Management Capabilities

1) Fosters Data Encryption

Encryption encodes messages or files to allow individuals with the correct passcode to access them. Thankfully, a secure drive offers full-disk encryption to protect all the data, files, and software programs stored on it. In other words, it is hardware-level encryption as it doesn’t depend only on software. Everything in the drive is encrypted.

2) Provides Physical Security

A good drive is durable and physically secure. So, look for an encrypted hard drive with a robust enclosure around it and a lock for physical security. Such a device can survive many years of wear and tear due to its toughness. Also, the drive should have hardened internals to prevent microprocessors from tampering, such as the DL4 FE Hard Drive.

3) Has Remote Management Capabilities

Even if you have an encrypted hard drive, you wouldn’t want it to get into the wrong hands. That’s where a remotely manageable drive comes in handy to protect your data further. With the remote feature, you can remotely lock, delete, or destroy data stored in the device. That ensures your sensitive information never falls into unauthorized hands.

Protect Your Sensitive Data with DataLocker’s Secure Drives

A secure drive eliminates data leaks and keeps your digital files safe. It offers full-disk encryption to ensure that all your data is safe and physical security to prevent wear and tear. On top of that, you can remotely delete or destroy all the data in the device if it’s lost or stolen..

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