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The Sentry K300 Micro SSD

The next generation of security and convenience is here—and it’scalled the Sentry K300! This micro SSD offers not just military-grade security with 256-bit encryption, but faster speeds for reading, writing, and transferring too.

All the requirements you need

It’s also the industry’s first platform-independent keypad micro SSD to incorporate an OLED display. That display can help you ensure that failed log-in attempts don’t lead to the automatic self-destruct—which occurs after 20 incorrect password attempts and protects your data from brute force attacks.

The Sentry K300 also features high-speed solid state SATA III memory, a rapid secure wipe option, read-only mode, and an alpha-numeric keypad to support advanced password requirements. It also boasts FIPS 197 and IP57 certifications, so you can rest assured that it will help keep you in compliance with regulatory standards.

Plus, the Sentry K300 was given one more important feature in 2019: the ability to be centrally managed by DataLocker’s flagship central management platform, SafeConsole.That allows administrators to manage all Sentry K300 devices, including password management, location monitoring, tracking file saving and deleting, and complete audit trails.

The best option for your data

We think this micro SSD is the best option for conveniently and securely storing and transferring your information. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

The Sentry K300 was awarded the Info Security Products Guide 2019 Global Excellence gold and bronze awards, recognizing the Sentry K300 for as both a new product and one of the most innovative security products of the year. And leading technology blog Gadget Explained recently offered a thorough review of it, appreciating its easy-to-use navigation and the usefulness of its display.

Data loss prevention is more important today than every before: make sure your data is always protected from unauthorized access with the hardware-encrypted Sentry K300.