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DataLocker Ensures Secure Data Protection with NATO-Trusted TAA-Compliant Supply Chain


In our pursuit of secure data protection, DataLocker remains unaffected by recent concerns raised in Wired magazine’s article “How a Shady Chinese Firm’s Encryption Chips Got Inside the US Navy, NATO, and NASA” by Andy Greenberg. We pride ourselves on maintaining a trusted supply chain and are committed to protecting our customer’s data. This blog post will delve into DataLocker’s dedication to providing secure products and our adherence to a NATO-trusted supply chain.

DataLocker’s Distinction 

Unlike some competitors, DataLocker does not incorporate Chinese technology or cryptographic components in our encrypted storage products. We know the potential risks of utilizing components from suppliers related to the Chinese army. Therefore, we have implemented a stringent selection process for our critical components, partnering only with reputable manufacturers to guarantee the security of our products.

NATO-Trusted Supply Chain 

Our commitment to data security goes beyond industry standards. We adhere to the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) and align with NATO’s Strategic Concept, which emphasizes securing supply chains for critical industries. In line with NATO’s recommendations, we take extra precautions to avoid sourcing from countries with potential cybersecurity risks, particularly China. By strictly following TAA-compliant practices and maintaining a NATO-trusted supply chain, we instill confidence in our customers worldwide regarding the security of their encrypted storage solutions.

DataLocker’s Supply Chain Overview 

At DataLocker, we prioritize security and reliability throughout our comprehensive supply chain process. We source critical components, such as crypto processors, from trusted vendors in Japan, the Netherlands, and Taiwan. Our products are then manufactured and assembled in the United States, Taiwan, and South Korea, ensuring the highest quality and security standards.

CEO’s Statement 

I want to emphasize our unwavering commitment to maintaining a secure supply chain and protecting our customers’ data. We have deliberately decided to refrain from incorporating Chinese cryptographic components, recognizing the paramount significance of preserving customer trust and safeguarding our company’s standing. With prestigious clients such as the United States government and military, NATO, law enforcement agencies, and renowned global enterprises spanning energy, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, technology, and infrastructure sectors, we prioritize our products’ utmost security and integrity.


In response to the concerns raised in Wired magazine, it is essential to differentiate between our secure encrypted storage solutions and our competitors, which may expose users to Chinese government-controlled “backdoors.” DataLocker’s commitment to a NATO-trusted supply chain and our avoidance of Chinese technology ensure that our customers can place their trust in the security of their data. By providing TAA-compliant products and maintaining control over critical components, we continue to prioritize safety and proudly hold our position as a leading provider of encryption solutions.

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