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Why Does Malware Prevention Matter? - DataLocker Inc.

As most businesses have shifted their operations to digital platforms, the need for cyber security is on the rise. Cybercriminals target all types of businesses; however, smaller firms are more vulnerable due to their weaker security defenses.

According to a survey conducted on senior executives, 46% of all small businesses have become victims of malware attacks. Considering this, organizations need to take measures to safeguard themselves from a potential threat. In this article, we will explore all the reasons why malware prevention is essential.

Cyber Threats Are More Complicated Than Ever 

According to research, 230,000 new malware samples are created daily. The latest versions of the malicious programs are created with advanced functions intended to bypass the updated security measures. As a result, businesses are recommended to invest in anti-malware software programs regularly updated to protect against the latest threats.

Malware Protection Can Safeguard Your Organization’s Data

Cyber-attacks can be detrimental for any business. If your company’s confidential files land in the hands of a cybercriminal, you would not only suffer a loss in your business operations, but your reputation would also be severely damaged. This is why anti-malware programs are engineered to protect your company’s files from all unauthorized access. With reliable anti-malware software, you can rest assured that your data will remain secure.

Malware Attacks Can Be Costly

A malware attack can place a huge burden on a company’s finances. In the unfortunate case that your organization becomes a victim of a malware attack, the costs of downtime, business loss, reputational damage, and loss of client and organizational data all begin to add up exponentially. Moreover, if your business becomes a victim of ransomware, you would also be required to pay the ransom amount to recover the company’s critical files. The aggregated cost can be hundreds of thousands of dollars and many organizations may not survive at all.

Luckily, taking measures to prevent these attacks is a more financially feasible option. Malware prevention can be done by installing a dependable anti-malware program that can protect your company’s systems from external threats.

Wrapping Up

Your business does not have to be a victim of a cyber-attack. Ensure that you take comprehensive measures to safeguard your organization and client data by investing in reliable anti-malware software, backup software, and for emergencies, cyber security insurance.

These days many businesses are thinking beyond anti-malware on individual desktops and laptops. Should malware find it’s way on to a portable USB drive, that malware can jump from machine to machine without users being the wiser. Luckily there are now secure USB drives that include optional, built-in anti-malware that can remove these malicious programs automatically. Take a look at DataLocker’s encrypted drives and anti-malware solutions to learn more.