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The Top 3 Cyber Threats That Cause Data Breaches - DataLocker Inc.

We all know cyber threats are on the rise, but which are the ones you should be most concerned about? Let’s look at the top 3 cyber threats wreaking havoc today, so you know exactly what to prepare for.


According to the FBI, phishing has increased by 110% from 2019-2020. Phishing has become one of the most common cyber threats. It often involves a cyber criminal using false identification to persuade someone to disclose sensitive information or open a link that could lead them to malware. Most commonly, phishing attacks happen via email.

Malware & Ransomware

Malware, or more specifically, ransomware, is not only forcing businesses to part with their data, but it’s also costing businesses lots of money and even causing large data breaches. Ransomware often enters a system through a phishing scam like we mentioned above. Once a user clicks a link and accidentally downloads ransomware, it encrypts a user’s system and disables access. In order to decrypt it, the user has to pay a ransom. Forbes, in its article, noted from a resource that around 84% of US companies were subject to ransomware or phishing in the past year.

Database Exposure

Since many organizations use online servers for hosting or storing data, they’re large targets for hackers. If these servers are not secured properly, they’re extremely vulnerable to attacks ranging from zero-day exploits to social engineering attacks which can result in large data breaches. In fact, one recent data breach led to the exposure of 250,000 resumes containing sensitive information, all because of a misconfigured cloud database.

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