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2022 Cybersecurity Outlook - DataLocker Inc.

As online threats become increasingly complicated, businesses can no longer downplay their need for more robust cybersecurity in this digitally connected era. So it’s no wonder that global enterprises are spending more on strengthening their network security. In fact, Microsoft alone plans to invest $1 billion in cybersecurity per year for the foreseeable future.

It is one of the most significant threats to the global economy, a challenge that many will continue to encounter for at least the next few decades. This makes risk and security supervision a board-level concern for organizations.

In addition, the sophistication and number of security breaches are rising, inciting increased legislation to secure customers and employees and put security at the forefront of business-related decisions.

With this in mind, here is a breakdown of what cybersecurity attacks may look like for the year 2022.

Avoiding a Cybersecurity Attack Tomorrow: What’s in Store in 2022

With the evolving cybersecurity threat landscape and continual impact of the global pandemic, enterprises must prepare for these possible risks in 2022 to proactively protect their information.

IoT Vulnerabilities Across Devices

The Internet of Things includes physical objects fixed with software and sensors to exchange data with other systems and devices.

IoT attacks have amplified in frequency. Infected routers account for about 75% of IoT attacks (2019). Every IoT device included in a workspace or home presents another opportunity for attackers to exploit that system or device. The challenge with many such devices is that they aren’t typically capable of employing the security measures required to prevent attacks.


A phishing attack is a pervasive problem concerning an organization’s cybersecurity. Unfortunately, many employees fall prey to standard phishing emails.

It is critical for firms to take phishing-based attacks seriously, specifically as these attacks become more sophisticated in the coming years.

Cloud Vulnerabilities

Cloud solutions and services have become vital as they offer tools and capabilities that make businesses faster and safer. However, not all cloud solutions come with proper encryption and authentication, which is essential to keep data protected. So before you move more resources to the cloud, it is crucial to ensure that the preferred cloud service has vital security measures and features within its framework.


Ransomware has adversely impacted various businesses across the globe this year, and it is sure to be an underlying issue in the coming year and beyond. Schools, hospitals, small businesses, and other enterprises have been the most vulnerable to these threats. However, no company is exempt from ransomware and malware threats.

Wrapping Up

Security teams that pay close attention to upcoming challenges and trends in the cybersecurity outlook 2022 will survive and prosper long-term.

And with the rising complexity in the security landscape in 2022, you must be prepared to encrypt your operations if you want to stay ahead of potential threats and risks.

If you’re curious about how to take encryption to the next level, reach out to DataLocker for a custom demo.