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What Can You Do to Prevent Hacking?

Hackers have the goal of stealing valuable information and money from people and businesses. In fact, cyber-attacks are now estimated to cost companies an average of $200,000. How do you prevent hacking from affecting you? It’s wise to invest in tools and tactics to prevent hacking and keep your vital information safe. Here are some tactics to consider:

  • Encrypting Your Devices
  • Penetration Testing
  • Installing a Robust Anti-Malware Program
  • Spotting Phishing Attacks Early Enough

Let’s look at each.

Encrypting Your Devices

One way to stop hackers from accessing your important information is by encrypting all your data and devices, including portable USB drives.

Using powerful encryption is a great way to ensure that data is inaccessible to hackers. With modern technologies, it’s even possible to encrypt data you keep in third-party clouds before it’s even uploaded to them. Check out SafeCrypt for more information.

Penetration Testing

Another way to ensure your protection against hacking is by doing penetration testing.

Most businesses do this by hiring a third party to try and hack into your network or systems by any means necessary. This process exposes flaws in an organization’s security to correct various issues that might leave them vulnerable to hacking.

Installing a Robust Anti-Malware Program

A strong anti-malware solution will protect your computer from threats such as malware, ransomware, and viruses. A good anti-malware program should work automatically, but it’s also crucial for organizations to keep them updated so that the software can search for even the newest malware and virus definitions.

Be sure to use anti-malware on all devices, including smartphones, tablets, desktops, and portable USB drives.

Spotting Phishing Attacks Early Enough

Learning what phishing attacks look like can help protect you from hacking attacks that come packaged in the most unexpected ways. You should avoid quickly clicking any new emails or text messages that arrive on your devices and have attachments that need to be clicked.

These attachments are the most common ‘baits’ hackers use to gain access to your confidential information. You can easily identify a spam message with its persuasive nature, always trying to convince you to do what you normally don’t.

Use DataLocker’s Encrypted Devices: Remain Safe from Hacking

Encrypted drives are just another way businesses can protect confidential data. With today’s mobile workforce, it’s more crucial to ensure that data is encrypted when it’s not in use. This ensures that should a drive be lost or stolen, and unauthorized users can access no information.

Check out DataLocker’s industry-leading encrypted drives if you’re looking for more powerful ways to safeguard data.