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Do We Need More Than Just Strong Passwords? - DataLocker Inc.

A single weak password can result in disastrous consequences such as losing sensitive personal information, pictures, contacts, professional data, and more. If your account falls into the wrong hands your work can be at risk and in some cases, it might be impossible to reverse the effects. That’s why it’s important to create strong passwords, but are they enough by themselves?

Having a strong password is a great place to start, but most users would be smart to add a few additional security measures to keep their accounts secure and their data safe.

Additional Security Features to Use

  • Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication methods are becoming standard. Since two-factor authentication requires a password and another piece of information (usually a one time password or OTP), it’s difficult for hackers to gain access to accounts. While they could potentially guess a password through a brute force attack, they’d still need to verify using a special code sent to an email or smartphone. This method creates a stronger security chain and helps keep bad actors out.

  • Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) 

Multi-factor authentication is very similar to two-factor authentication. But in this method, the user can set more than two factors for authentication, making the password security for the account even more secure and immune to hacks. MFA can include everything from one-time passwords to biometrics, secondary applications, and much much more. With even more layers of security, MFA is yet another way for users to keep accounts and data secure.

  • Password Managers

Using reliable password managers is another way to enhance security. Password managers make it easy to create a complex and secure password for every account you use. Furthermore, they make it easier to access various accounts unless you’re not authorized to access them. Many businesses are using these as well to improve information security and to share confidential credentials among employees. security

If you’re looking for other ways to enhance security, you might consider how encrypted drives fit in the mix. DataLocker provides secure encrypted drives that protect data whether it’s in the office, a home, or anywhere in between.