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Top 7 Ransomware Training Courses and Certification Programs - DataLocker Inc.

Ransomware is one of the most disruptive forms of malware in existence. By encrypting mission-critical data on unsuspecting systems, this threat has demonstrated the power to cripple organizations of any size. Ransomware has caused billions of dollars in damages worldwide, and is directly responsible for countless hours of downtime, lost business opportunities, and essential overhauling of IT environments. 

Anti-malware software, backup plans, and various other defense methods have proven effective in the fight. However, the best way to counter the epidemic is fostering prevention through awareness and education. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the best ransomware training resources on the market. 

1. Webroot Security Awareness Training 

Who better to teach the best practices of ransomware prevention than an expert that designs frontline weaponry for the battle? Known for its suite of anti-virus software, veteran cyber security vendor Webroot has assembled an award-winning security awareness training course that warrants a closer look.

Here’s what we like about ransomware education with Webroot: 

Interactive training: Webroot serves up over 85 learning modules in the form of videos, infographics, and other easily consumable media. There are currently more than 120 courses in total.

Phishing-focused: The roots of a ransomware attack often lead back to phishing. Webroot puts phishing awareness into focus with a potent simulation engine designed to help employees recognize this increasingly dangerous practice. Organizations can choose from over 200 customizable templates to gauge their level of vulnerability and preparedness against social engineering tactics deployed in real-world attacks. 

Streamlined management: The one defining trait Webroot brings to the table is allowing users to shape the training experience. You can create, manage, and measure an in-house educational program based on criteria that aligns with your business objectives. 

Webroot’s Security Awareness Training offering can be added to existing accounts or acquired separately in a 30-day free trial.

2. CISA Incident Training Response Series

Building a dependable IT security infrastructure is an expensive undertaking. When the budget is stretched thin, it makes sense to seek cost savings wherever possible. The US government offers a plethora of free resources dedicated to cyber security, including its Incident Training Response Series. Hosted on the government’s Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) subdomain, the course is divided into two sections: 

On-demand webinar: Dubbed “Don’t Wake Up to a Ransomware Attack”, this pre-recorded webinar covers ransomware from the point of identifying signs of an infection to recovering compromised systems. The recording runs just over 50 minutes long and features insights from speaker Joseph Goodwin, who has more than 20 years’ experience of homeland security expertise in the federal, local, and private sectors. 

Visual presentation: The second part of the course is comprised of slides that provide a visual illustration of the key points highlighted in the webinar. Despite the condensed form, it gets right to the essentials and covers more than 50 pages worth of material. 

3. Ransomware Defense Foundation Certification Program 

The competitive advantages of obtaining a professional certification in the cyber security arena, where credible skills are at the highest demand, run tenfold. In addition to serving as a benchmark for your capabilities, it demonstrates the depth of your knowledge and expertise in the field. Independent certification provider ItCerts gives IT security pros the opportunity to validate their experience with a comprehensive learning course designed around ransomware fundamentals. 

ItCerts’ Ransomware Defense Foundation certification program offers a web-based exam that covers basic, yet critical tenets of the venomous ransomware culture. Topics include dissecting the common characteristics of an attack, known ransomware variants, commonly exploited vulnerabilities, and preventive measures among others. 

Presented in multiple-choice format, the 20-question exam takes roughly 30 minutes to complete, for which ItCert recommends a study prep time of 16 hours. The exam is available in English and Portuguese, and issues a certificate with lifetime validity. 

4. CRPP Certification 

With troves of sensitive patient data in its possession, the healthcare industry has become a major target for ransomware actors. The Certificate of Ransomware Prevention Proficiency (CRPP) is specially crafted for providers, executives, staff, consultants, students, and IT experts in the medical profession. Presented by accredited healthcare certification outfit 4MedPro, CRPP tackles ransomware awareness from examining the anatomy of an attack to planning for remediation and investigation. 

At the time of this writing, the exam, which can be taken online at your own pace, is priced at $59 per certification. 4MedPro recommends a study time of two to four hours prior to the exam.

5. Ransomware Fundamentals 

Ransomware costs the financial sector $2 million per organization, a number that exceeds the global average. The demands of PCI-DSS, the GDPR, and other stringent regulations only heighten the importance of getting a better handle on the threat. 10-D Security, which specializes in IT security solutions designed for the financial services industry, keeps awareness simple and straightforward in its Ransomware Fundamentals program. 

Offered via the 10-D Academy, the course is recommended for individuals who play critical roles in managing risks and security operations at their respective financial institutions. While prevention is prioritized, participants also come away with a greater understanding of how to respond to an active ransomware infection. The academy is priced at $400 and distributed as a video conference that runs over the course of half a day.

6. Ransomware Uncovered Specialist Certification

A Google-commissioned study ranked the UK number 10 on a list of locations most frequently targeted by ransomware. According to British intelligence agency GCHQ, the number of attacks doubled from 2020 to 2021. A trusted informational source within the global cyber security community for more than a decade, the International Cyber Threat Task Force has become a preferred option among certification seeking IT professionals, particularly on the UK scene. 

The Dublin-based institution operates a web-based campus made up various courses dedicated to cyber security best practices, including the Ransomware Uncovered Specialist Certificate. Delivered by ICTTF president Paul C. Dwyer, the 7-day course covers all the bases, while also highlighting the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had on the cyber threat landscape. Although the campus is popular among IT security practitioners in the UK, the actual certificate issued upon complete is recognized globally.

7. Ransomware Forensics 

A ransomware attack is more complex than it may appear on the surface. Deep analysis into the anatomy often uncovers a detailed process that has been meticulously planned for the purpose of maximum impact and of course, maximum profits. Like its role in law enforcement, forensics helps cyber security experts maximize their prevention efforts by gaining a better understanding of how these attacks operate on a structural level. 

eforensics Magazine takes an advanced approach to ransomware education with a training course designed to analyze an attack inside and out. Students learn how to evaluate compromised systems and evidence left in the wake of an attack, in addition to adopting skills that provide an intimate familiarity with the engineering tactics used to deliver the malware. This 18-hour course is exclusively available to members of eforensics’ Premium and IT Pack Premium Subscription plans. 

Whether it’s covering the basics or high-level learning, any good ransomware training program will underscore the importance of employing the right tools in your defense strategy. DataLocker specializes in encrypted USB drives that provide robust data protection when other cyber security measures fall short. Contact our team to arrange a demo custom fit for your needs.