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Why Does Cybersecurity Matter?

Everything we do is connected to the internet, from chatting with friends to running an online business, or even accessing our bank accounts. In a world where everything is controlled by a smartphone and everything is online, criminals have taken to the digital streets to take every piece of sensitive data they can. Better cybersecurity is the only antidote.

Ever-Growing Risk of Hacking

Due to the rising numbers of cybercrimes including phishing, ransomware, and identity theft, it has become increasingly important to invest in cybersecurity. Technology makes our lives easier, but it’s also become a one-stop-shop for all our sensitive information. A single data breach can leak information from millions of users. For instance, in 2020 267 million users of Facebook had their data stolen and sold online. According to the FTC, identity thefts and fraud reports skyrocketed by nearly 45 percent from 2019 to 2020.

As cyber attacks go, ransomware is one of the top cyberthreats of 2021. Ransomware involves hacking into a company’s server and threatening to leak out confidential data if a valuable sum of money is not provided. Both large and small corporations have been a victim of these vicious attacks, which have risen by 148 percent, following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Importance of Cyber Security

Since the cost of cybercrimes reached nearly 1 trillion dollars following the pandemic, it’s wise to invest in cyber security. Investing a small amount in cyber security can prevent massive financial losses and ensures that your data remains protected. Furthermore, malware might disrupt your workflow and lead to unproductivity. Cyber security can ensure that your company remains productive..

If you’re adding new tools to your cybersecurity toolkit, consider adding encrypted drives from DataLocker. Not only are they super simple to use, they also keep data ultra secure no matter where drives end up.