According to a study by Deloitte, 50% of manufacturing executives are not confident that they are protected from external threats that put their intellectual property at risk. As today’s manufacturing floor becomes increasingly automated, there is inherently more risk that the supply chain will be infiltrated by bad actors.

Human error remains a major risk for manufacturers, too, despite the increase in automation. With more workers remote, operations have been extended to machines and devices that may not be under the control of the manufacturer. And therein lies the problem.

Baxter, Northrop Grumman, Caterpillar, and other top manufacturers are using DataLocker encrypted solutions for:

  • Production equipment updates
  • Computer-Aided Design and Manufacturing design files
  • Managed / audited records for contractors
  • Data collected from industrial human-machine interfaces
  • Data used by kiosks and non-PC based systems

Benefits of DataLocker in the Financial Services Industry

  • Protect Data Anywhere, Anytime. DataLocker simplifies encryption, making it easy for users to protect, monitor and control proprietary data and reducing human error, the leading cause of data theft and breaches.
  • Security for everyone. DataLocker puts encryption and security into the hands of everyone, empowering non-technical employees to protect their external assets and security teams to easily monitor and control external content.
  • Securing the perimeter. DataLocker solutions protect external devices using military-grade encryption and securing your organization against even the most sinister threats.
  • Returns control to the business. Control external devices remotely. Manage permissions, track, lock down, and remove access to external content all with a keystroke.
  • Compliant with strict industry regulations. DataLocker is compliant with some of the strictest governmental regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, DHS Initiatives, NRC, GLB and any other directive that requires data encryption.