Data Encryption Solutions for Manufacturers

Manufacturers are faced with the challenge of meeting regulatory and compliance requirements while maintaining seamless operations. DataLocker’s hardware-based encryption solutions enable manufacturers around the world to secure corporate data, IP, as well as production related data. Our solutions are used to secure :

  • Production equipment updates
  • CAD/CAM design files
  • Managed / audited records for contractors
  • Data collected from industrial HMI’s
  • Data used by kiosks and non-PC based systems


Benefits of DataLocker Encrypted Storage Solutions

Easy to Setup, Manage, and Use
Users love DataLocker’s hardware based encrypted storage solutions because our “Simply Secure” design principle. Our hardware storage devices can be deployed quickly and efficiently because there’s nothing to install or configure. Users simply connect, enter the password and go to work. In addition, our SafeConsole Ready devices offer a true enterprise level management system that allows organizations to inventory, audit and control their device deployments.

Low Total Cost of Ownership
With nothing to install, it’s easy and cost effective to deploy DataLocker drives for all employees (even temporary or seasonal workers) and partners. With very little training or customer support overhead, DataLocker solutions are an inexpensive way to secure data at rest. SafeConsole central management allows organizations to remotely push policy, reset passwords and even remotely wipe devices.

Superior Security
DataLocker storage solutions protect against even the most sinister threats, including malware, brute force attacks, key loggers and even shoulder hacks. Advanced security features when managed by SafeConsole include self destruct, complex password policies, certificate based hardware binding, IP whitelisting, SIEM integration, and even geofencing.

Regulatory Compliance
DataLocker is an instant, cost-effective way to comply with HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, DHS Initiatives, NRC, GLB and any other directive that requires data encryption.

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