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Now you can safely carry your cryptocurrency with you wherever you go. Even if your DataLocker SecureVault is lost or stolen, your keys remains protected so you can be assured no one can steal your cryptocurrency. Storing your secret keys on a cold storage device is recommended as part of a multi-medium, multi-location storage plan.
Alternately, SecureVault is compliant with many open source wallets such as Electrum, Exodus, and JAXX.

The safest way to manage your cryptocurrencies is to store your private keys on a portable encrypted hardware wallet from DataLocker.  Introducing DataLocker SecureVault

Open Source Crypto Wallet
Secure Cryptocurrency Wallet

Your cryptocurrency is at risk when your hosted wallet is hacked.  According to a recent report from CipherTrace, almost $1B in cryptocurrency has been stolen in 2018 from hacked exchanges.  Don’t let your cryptocurrency get stolen from a hacked exchange!

Protect your Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and other cryptocurrencies.

Unlike Trezor and Ledger, DataLocker SecureVault is the world’s most secure hardware wallet.

DataLocker SecureVault AES 256 Encrypted microSSD

Open Source Wallet For Crypto

DataLocker SecureVault Security Features

The SecureVault Cryptocurrency Wallet
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