Our Company - DataLocker Inc. | DataLocker Inc.

Our Company - DataLocker Inc.

DataLocker is the world leader in encryption solutions that form a complete perimeter around your most valued assets.

Security That Is Visibly Different

Today’s mobile businesses need solutions that protect sensitive information anywhere on any endpoint. Trust DataLocker to deliver hardware and software encryption solutions to protect information at rest and in motion.

Innovation and Leadership that Drives The Market

DataLocker technology is at the heart of almost every encryption hardware and software solution in the market. Why? DataLocker has more than 15 patents that serve as the backbone for the entire industry. So even if you’re not using DataLocker solutions, you’re likely using the innovation DataLocker introduced to the market.


Working with Fortune 500 companies and more across sectors such as financial services, healthcare, energy, legal, manufacturing, and government, we pursue real-life scenarios with our customers that shape future innovations in our products.

A Step Ahead on Compliance

DataLocker supports companies that face some of the strictest government regulations and prides itself on having its finger on what compliance challenges are next.

Our Commitment to You

DataLocker lives by three core values that infuse our workforce with the passion to create indelible customer experiences and to deliver the hardware and software solutions that ensure your endpoints are safe.



Is what drives and aspires us



To our team, partners, customers, and community is our goal



Is our core product design and operating principle

Company Core Values

Relationships, not just transactions

We believe that the interactions we have with our co-workers, partners, and even clients should be more than just simple transactions but should help build our relationships.

We do more with less

We find it both challenging and rewarding to embrace resourceful methods and perspectives in everything we do.

We’re not afraid to punch above our weight

No matter how big the challenge or how often we’re told “you shouldn’t be able to accomplish ______” we’re not afraid to rise to the challenge at hand, whatever that might be!

We’re always willing to pitch in

We fully believe that success is something that is accomplished together (even if it sometimes includes activities that are “outside of your job description”).

The fast lane for opportunity is always open

If you’ve got the drive to pursue excellence for both yourself and the company, we’re committed to always keeping an opportunity open for you to keep growing and advancing.

Have fun, work hard, play hard

We know that taking on challenges is hard work, and we’re all-in when it comes to working hard. However, we’re also all-in when it comes time to rest and celebrate, whether that’s at work during a group activity, or spending time with your family and loved ones outside of work time.