AlphaTalk TAA Compliant USB Headset

AlphaTalk TAA Compliant USB Headset

AlphaTalk headsets are developed with light materials for optimal comfort even through many hours of wear. The AlphaTalk headset comes with a 270-degree rotatable microphone and noise cancellation features. 3 year limited warranty

  • Easy setup, no software or drivers. USB plug and play (USB 2.0 compatible)

  • Adjustable headband for a custom fit

  • Complete digital sound card with DSP technology

  • Clear live voice transmission with VoIP

  • Longer USB cable: 7.8 ft included


The most important function of a headset is to eliminate background noise and let callers hear your voice clearly. AlphaTalk’s microphone delivers crystal-clear conversations for closer connections with your caller.


Utilizing a headset allows you to continue to work on other tasks while taking calls. There’s no need to hang up while typing, taking notes, etc.


Using a headset that is not TAA compliant can dramatically increase you and your agency’s vulnerability to security breaches. DataLocker’s AlphaTalk is a TAA Compliant headset – don’t let your speaker or microphone be the open door to a breach or leak of sensitive data.