SafeCrypt Managed Cloud Encryption Gateway – Coming Soon

SafeCrypt Managed Cloud Encryption Gateway – Coming Soon

SafeCrypt Managed gives you extra security for all your cloud data. By establishing a “cloud encryption gateway,” SafeCrypt Managed provides a layer of military grade encryption between you, your applications and your cloud storage provider. Both Windows and macOS are supported (Linux available in 2019), SafeCrypt Managed is compatible with all major cloud storage providers, files are encrypted at your desktop and stored on your cloud storage account fully encrypted.

SafeCrypt Managed allows most applications such as Microsoft Office to seamlessly utilize military grade AES 256 bit encryption for storing your data on virtually any cloud storage service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box. Simply point your application to the SafeCrypt Managed virtual drive letter and SafeCrypt Managed fully encrypts your data with 256-bit AES encryption before it leaves your computer and syncs with your cloud storage service provider. You can even link SafeCrypt Managed to a local folder to encrypt files anywhere on your machine.

Central Management

SafeCrypt Managed is integrated with the leading central management platform for encrypted drives – SafeConsole, which allows administrators to inventory, control, and audit SafeCrypt Managed drives. SafeConsole administrators can customize password policies, lock virtual drives, reset passwords, restrict file types that can be saved to the virtual drive, kill a drive remotely and deny access. SafeConsole keeps track of drive usage by recording Drive and File activity in the SafeConsole Audit Logs. A new or existing SafeConsole account is required.


Total Lockdown for Your Sensitive Data in the Cloud


Encryption Made Easy:

With SafeCrypt Managed, files are fully encrypted at your desktop and stored on your cloud storage account. Even if your cloud service provider is hacked at root level or your personal login is compromised, your files are safe and secure.

Fully Compatible:

SafeCrypt Managed works with DropBox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box and any other cloud service. You can also use SafeCrypt Managed to encrypt local files, network drives, and external media such as USB flash and hard drives.

Advanced Security:

SafeCrypt Managed offers advanced features like encrypted file names, read-only mode, file type restrictions, optional two-factor authentication, brute force attack defense, and zero knowledge software design.

Flexible and Expandable:

With a simple installation and setup wizard, you can use SafeCrypt Managed to create as many encrypted virtual drives as your system will allow. Store and run SafeCrypt Managed from encrypted hard or flash drives to carry your ultra-sensitive files with you.


SafeCrypt Managed
Cryptographic Processes256-Bit AES / CFB Mode
Part NumbersSCM-[1-3], SCM-[1R-3R]
System CompatibilityWindows 7 / 8 / 10
Management SystemSafeConsole REQUIRED
2-Factor AuthenticationOptional via TOTP (ie: Google Authenticator, Authy)
License TypeYearly (multi-year available)
Zero Knowledge SoftwareYes
SafeCrypt Managed Data Sheet

SafeCrypt Managed User Manual