IronKey ACCESS by DataLocker

With IronKey ACCESS software, you have a wide range of options for configuring and enforcing data security policies across nearly all IronKey™ hardware encrypted flash drives and hard drives. IronKey ACCESS offers the industry’s most comprehensive solution for managing IronKey F100, F150 and F200 Biometric flash drives (EOL), and IronKey H100 (EOL) and H200 external hard drives. From the largest enterprises down to individuals and small groups, IronKey ACCESS offers a premise-based option for controlling your portable storage devices:

ACCESS Standard: Perfect for small organizations, it offers the ability to individually manage drives.

ACCESS Enterprise: Centralized management, streamlined provisioning, and the most robust security controls make this an ideal choice for large enterprises.


Product Description

This product is End of Life effective September 1, 2016.


Control Individual Drives with ACCESS Standard by DataLocker
With factory-installed software preloaded on every device, individuals and small groups can benefit from strong password and authentication rules, zero footprint portability, automatic device wipe, and optional administrative capabilities like pre-configuring or reissuing devices.

Easily Administer Small or Large-scale Deployments with ACCESS Enterprise by DataLocker
Rely on this premise-based solution to centrally configure usage, password and authentication policies once and deploy them to individual devices, use pre-configured reports to simplify audits and pre-load devices with applications for secure use in the field. Broadly deploy USB devices, including biometric drives, and police their use. You can even revoke user privileges or wipe drives remotely when the need arises.hardware-based identity management capabilities.

ACCESS Standard by DataLocker Features

  • Factory-installed Tools for Configuration and Re-issue
    Using tools that come pre-installed on your DataLocker (IronKey) device, take on the administrator role to individually pre-configure devices for password policy and authentication rules. You can also get more from your portable storage investment by recycling used devices and issuing them to new users.
  • Strong Password and Authentication Rules
    Define rules for password length, special characters, retry attempts, re-use and more. On IronKey biometric devices, set single-factor or multi-factor authentication rules.
  • Wipe Lost or Stolen Devices
    Optionally configure devices to automatically wipe data if unsuccessful password attempts exceed a pre-defined limit.
  • Flexible Biometric Authentication
    Configure biometric hardware devices (IronKey F200 Biometric flash drives and DataLocker (IronKey) H200 Biometric hard drives) for one-factor or two-factor authentication: Password only, biometric only, password or biometric, password and biometric.
  • Zero-footprint Portability
    Leave no trace behind when you run ACCESS by DataLocker directly from the device on any host PC or Mac, without the need for special drivers or administration rights.
  • Optional Factory-installed Malware Protection
    Order drives with anti-virus protection to safeguard files, applications and host systems.
  • Scalable Management
    Managing more than a handful of devices is easy, because you can seamlessly upgrade any device managed by ACCESS Standard to ACCESS Enterprise Manager or ACCESS Enterprise Server by DataLocker.

ACCESS Enterprise by DataLocker Features
(Includes all ACCESS Standard features, plus the following)

  • Scalable, Centralized Policy Management Platform
    From a centralized console, maintain control over thousands of devices by configuring policies to govern authentication, password structure, password usage, biometric security levels, retry limits, and device recovery.
  • Efficient Configuration
    Configure policies once, then deploy those policies across individual devices as they are provisioned. Conveniently and remotely update policies from within your network or over the public Internet. You can also create groups and specify policies through integration with Active Directory.
  • Simple, Portable Content Management
    Drag and drop corporate applications so portable devices can be pre-loaded with approved software.
  • Streamlined Device Management
    Allow users to self-issue devices right at their desks while maintaining full adherence to predefined security policies. Then update policies at any time, even over the Internet.
  • Distributed Provisioning
    Allow newly issued devices to securely connect to the server to obtain policies and updates, without relinquishing control.
  • User Self-rescue
    With ACCESS Enterprise Server by DataLocker, ensure that devices remain accessible even if a user forgets their password or damages their fingerprint.
  • Comprehensive Data Recovery
    Help desk operators can now re-establish access to the device or even permanently erase all of the device’s data when users fail to authenticate their compatible IronKey device. Employ easy-to-implement password and biometric recovery options to rescue blocked users, even if they are away from the corporate network.
  • Secure Device Communication
    Allow newly issued devices to securely connect to the server to obtain policies and updates, without relinquishing control.
  • On-Premise Security
    ACCESS Enterprise operates entirely from within your IT environment, so you maintain the utmost control and security.
  • Malware Protection Management
    Easily deploy on-board virus protection to managed devices, protecting files, applications, and host systems.
  • Tailored Environments
    Tailor security policies and device behavior to different user needs via multiple templates and profiles.
  • Advanced Reporting
    Make it easier to meet audit and compliance requirements by logging and storing a complete history of administrative activities for each device, along with real-time views into user and device status.
IronKey ACCESS Enterprise Data Sheet