DL3 Configurator

The DataLocker Configurator is a program that allows an administrator to rapidly configure and deploy DataLocker DL3 encrypted external hard drive units for an organization. Create & save security policies and protocols and rapidly set-up your user’s individual DL3 devices.

Settings & Passwords Configuration Software

To download the software, click here. To activate the Configurator, please “Click Here to Buy”. If you do not activate the program, you will not be able to save or upload your configuration files.

After purchasing the Configurator, you should receive an e-mail including the activation key. Please check your junk mail if the activation key does not appear in your inbox.

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Configurator when used with a DL3

DL Configurator Security Policy Tool

DL Configurator Security Policy Tool

Configurator when used with a DL3 with 2 Factor Authentication

DataLocker Configurator

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