Ballistic Carrying Case

The DataLocker Ballistic Case is watertight, crushproof and dust proof. It is made of  high impact structural copolymer that makes it extremely strong and durable. It has easy-open double throw latches that seal perfectly, loops for locking or sealing and includes an automatic pressure equalization valve for quick equalization after changes in atmospheric pressure. The DataLocker Ballistic case safely holds 2 DataLocker hard disk drives and their cables. 



This case fits all DataLocker and IronKey hard drives


  • Professionally designed and developed strictly complying with the highest safety protection standard.
  • Patented invented material with a better weather ability and a working temperature range from -40℃~90℃. Anti-ultraviolet and Impact resistance case body.
  • Advanced valve design, avoid troubles of pressure differences.
  • Humanization design of the interior is convenient for setting meters and other devices.
  • Patented design of seal has a protection degree IP 67.
  • Ergonomic handle with a rubber covering design has a comfortable hand feel and lessens strain.
  • Standard configuration is solid wavy foam with cube foam, which enhance protection degree and easy-to-use.


  • Military: protecting and transporting guns and ammo, equipment for communication, EOD medical, etc.
  • Photography: storage and carrying of precision camera or lenses etc. The waterproof, damp proof and shockproof functions offer a better protection to your valuable devices.
  • Industry: good companion to your precision meters, who not only offers better protection but also portable and make your outdoor work easier.


External Dimensions (LxWxD):

219*183*154mm (8.62”*7.2”*6.06”)

Internal Dimensions (LxWxD):

193*127*135mm (7.6”*5”*5.31”)


Resin + Glass fiber


1.1kg (2.46lbs)



Buoyancy MAX.(Kg):

2.69kg (5.94lbs)



Range Temperature:



2.42 lbs