Open Source License Notification

DataLocker Inc (DataLocker) uses Open Source software in some of its products, including software licensed under the GNU General Public License (“GPL”). Most open source packages are used unmodified as binaries, but where required, DataLocker has modified the open source package to perform the functions required for the DataLocker products. DataLocker makes the open source software and any modifications available consistent with the terms of the GPL and LGPL regardless of whether those licenses apply. The code made available by DataLocker is for informational purposes only and distributed “As is” with no support and/or warranty of any kind intended, implied, or provided.

If you would like to receive the source code via a download, we will bundle all the files and upload the compressed archive to an FTP site and send you instructions for accessing this archive. Also, any questions on open source software used by DataLocker should be sent to the address below or email

DataLocker Inc
7300 College Blvd
Suite 600
Overland Park, KS 66210